Pesky (Freehand) Raccoon Loves Apple

Allo polish Pals!
Sorry for the delay in posting, how are you doing? Have you any exciting plans for the weekend? I'm feeling a little old and achy today but that didn't stop me from testing out my new light for photography! I had such a cute idea for some nail art but was I happy with the result? NO! Haha, I guess its in my nature to be displeased with my efforts. Still, it was more practice with my 1 euro acrylic paints! It was near impossible to show you this with a shiny top coat too. I showed my nails to Mr Bravo and said I was going to call my raccoon Mila Raccoonis, he gave me quite the face/palm
With A Shiny Top Coat.
On my index and pinkie finger I started with two coats of Essence's 'Off To Miami!', added a diagonal stripe of Essence's 'Grey-t To Be Here'. I finished off those with a beautiful coat of Barry M's 'Crystal Glaze' flakies. On all my other nails I started with two coats of 'Grey-t To Be Here', 'Crystal Glaze' and used cheap acrylic paints to create my raccoons and Apple.
BIG mistake... I applied Hema's 'Matte Topcoat' which left horrible horrible white chalky parts :( I really wish I had grabbed my Model's Own Pro Matte Top coat..but hey ho.

What do you think of my raccoon nail art? Have you ever seen a raccoon in real life?
Have a great start to your weekend, Tomorrow I'll be showing you a swatch which has been picked out by my facebook fans from a choice of three polishes. Join on facebook to have your vote! :)



  1. i love all animals.your raccoon is it !and its apple .-) very nice and cute nails! congrats !
    i love hand made nail art !

  2. You know that I think it's gorgeous!! You're sooooo good at freehand painting. You have to start to believe in yourself and know that you're talented in this! Hugs to you! <3

  3. Your racoons are amazing! You are such a talented painter!!! Thumbs up for more animal designs!

  4. I love it, I think is too cute! and I slightly prefer the matte version, I don't think it looks "chalky" at all :)

  5. I think this is so cute! don't be so hard on yourself :)

  6. Aww, your nails look adorable!
    Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

    Xx julia


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