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Allo polish Pals! How are you doing today? Tuesday already? Slow down! I'll be traveling back to Holland on Sunday...four weeks has gone too quick. Today I came up with a glitter/gold combo I was crazy about but couldn't get it quite right. I had an image of how I wanted it to be. I added gold stamping but it didn't seem fitting, I tried various ways of adding the glitter and even there I wasn't 100% sure. In the end I settled for this and while I find the combination really pretty in real life the lighting throws off how pretty it is when it catches the light naturally. Ready for some glitter overload?
How 'A Cut Above' gleams in low light.
On my Thumb and middle finger I started with two coats of Barry M's 'Gold Foil'. I then used tape to create the criss cross pattern and applied Essie's 'The Lace Is On' on top; Before removing the tape I added the beautiful Essie Glitter 'A Cut Above'. On my index and pinkie I reversed the the colours. Finally I added a circular pattern of golden 'Gleequins' on my ring finger and topped it all off with my top coat. In hindsight I wish I had applied the gleequin nail not so close to the glitter to 'break' things up.

What do you think of this manicure? Too much shine? Do you like pairing glitter with tape manicures?

 Have a beautiful day! :)
 Love Ithi


  1. stunning! pink and gold color combo are perfect ! it suite to you!♫¸♪♫♥

  2. The colors are so pretty together! The glitter goes nicely with the striping!

  3. i think this came out so great! really beautiful colors!

  4. Hello my polish pal! <3 Glad to hear that you're back home safe. I'm home now too, as you've seen I've bee up to Sundsvall, a town a bit up in the north of Sweden. My school is located there, so I met my classmates and we've had our exam and been studying. The exam went ok. :-)
    Wow, what a great manicure. I love. it! Great colours and nail arts. You're so talented Ithi!
    Take care! xx

  5. These look gorgeous! I love the combination of the pink/violet color and the gold. The glitter placement nail looks perfect!


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