My Heart Beats Holographic-ally!

Allo polish Pals!
Here's wishing a fantastic and sparkly start to your week! Are you feeling refreshed and ready? Today is going to be a good day, I can tell! The sun is shining, my head is full of manicure ideas! Today I have something you could consider a valentines manicure to show you. I'm really not one for posting holiday manicures all through the month but I came up with the colour concept (Inspired by this manicure I did a few months ago) a few days ago and I'm the biggest sucker for holographic polishes.. so here it is!
On my thumb and ring-ding finger I began by painting two coats of Rapsodi Pacific Nail Polish in shade '23'. I then painted on a weird heart shape (Mr Bravo calls them graffiti hearts!) using Models Own 'Utopia', 'Purple Grey' and finally Color Clubs 'Cloud Nine' in the center. On all my other nails I started with two coats of 'Utopia' and added an angle before applying '23' to the tips of my index and pinky. I then applied two little holographic hearts which I picked up months ago from the Born Pretty Store. On my middle finger I applied Model's Own 'Hot Stuff' shredded glitter.

Every nail has a little slice of holo! Sadly the hearts didn't want to co-operate too well and show their full holo beauty.
What do you think of this manicure? Do you like holographic polishes as much as I do? Do you like to see other colours used for valentines manicures?

Have a great day!



  1. Beautiful polishes, my favorite colo - purple. I really like this manicure. Great job!

  2. Great colours and a gorgeous manicure. <3

  3. wow,love the holo heart!perfect.i still donr have any holo :-( but nice to see on your nails,dear !

  4. this is beautiful, i love the holo hearts!

  5. The purple color looks just perfect and I love all the sparkles in this nail art!
    The result looks great on your nails! ;)

    Xx Julia

  6. Beautifully eye catching as always Ithi. I forget how much I love Utopia until I see it on others. The holo for each nail is perfection :) x

  7. I love girly manis and this is so cute! The holographic hearts are great! Though I am not that much of a holographic enthusiast I started thinking about getting more holos.

  8. Whole mani looks wonderful. I love your idea about holographic heart- fantastic!

  9. Wow, this looks amazingly beautiful! Well done and I can imagine it looked even prettier irl with the hearts showing their whole spectra! :D

  10. This is SO pretty :) Awesome work and I love the hearts on there :) The color combination is so lovely :)
    Btw, I have awarded you with the Liebster Award on my blog :)


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