Nails Inspired By... A dress!

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Are you looking forward to the weekend? I've had such a productive day and I'm glad to be taking a break with some blueberry muffin tea ~ yum! I'm looking forward to a busy weekend also but I'm sure tonight there will be some time in between to chill out with a glass of wine and some nail painting while Mr Bravo is out playing darts! Today's manicure was inspired by this dress I saw on Pinterest, I loved the gradient and did my best to recreate the stripes. Although mine looks a lot different I do quite like my first time using a fan brush!

On all my nails I started with two coats of Fogan's '06' which is a gorgeous light beige/taupe. I then created a gradient using Fogan's '12' and Sally Hansen's 'Ressurection'. I finally look my fan brush with a gradient mixture of Essie's 'To Buy Or Not To Buy' and Guylond's light blue from their blue gradient set.

I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn't want to wipe these off right away and I sort of like the scratchy finished look. If I could change one thing I would have liked the lines to all be thin (The pinkie finger's lines where a little too chunky for my liking)

What do you think of this manicure? Have you used a fan brush for nail art before?

Have a great day, beauties!


  1. Oh wow these colours are so pretty and I think you replicated the dress pretty well. I've never found a use for the fan brush but this looks so cool - how did you manage to get the paint on evenly? Is there a certain technique to it? :)

    1. Thank you so much, Alice! To be honest I kinda just went for it. I put the two shades together and swept the brush through them and kept swiping the brush clean so I didn't get too much build up. I think maybe its time to make a new tutorial :D xx

  2. Awwww..I love this design so much!! I will be happy to see tutorial for this pretty nails! Take care! :D

  3. love this ! you use blue and purple ! at it come out perfect !i saw that dress ,lovely ! enjoy the weekend !

  4. Nice dress:)
    Beautiful mani, love that gradient! Enjoy your glass of wine:))

  5. This looks great! Looks way better than the inspiration :D I've tried a fan brush twice, the first time it came out super awesome and at my second try I failed miserably haha :D I think the polish the second time perhaps was too thick or something. I think I must try again to see if the first time was a lucky strike or not ;)

  6. this is beautiful, i love your inspiration!

  7. Wow you have created such a fantastic effect with the fan brush. I absolutely love these nails Ithi xx

  8. I love these, the colors you chose are really pretty and i love that effect with the white lines, so pretty! i think i need to try this.

  9. Wow. This looks amazing. Congrats :X


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