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Allo polish Pals!
Erhh.. Can you pick me up off the floor, please? How are you all doing? It's too late for me and the reason this post comes late is because of my painting trials and nightmares. It's too late for me in fact. So what do you have planned this weekend?! I tried an idea out on my nails... I spent like 2 hours bent over my card-board box-table painting and then I took pictures. Then I thought... Hmm.. It's not great. It could be better if I did this, this and that. So before I fall asleep with my head in the fruit bowl.. here's today's/yesterday's.. just this post :) Oh also by pure luck... I mixed the purple for the winter games, I feel bad because when I had this manicure planned I hadn't seen google...
On all my nails I started with Model's Own 'Grey Day' in two smooth coats. Here and there I added a sliver of Fearne's 'Night owl' (That's the gun metal silver that looks slightly matte) and Sally Hansen's 'Apparition'. That is all the polish I used. Besides this I used Kiss nail art stripers in silver black and white. I then moved on to painting acrylic white over the half way of my nails. I worked a long time to try and get the white acrylic paint really smooth then applied my top coat. I then used the colours in my 1 euro acrylic paint set with a striper brush to paint on the rainbow colours. I finished of course with a top coat.

This is normally when I am something relating to the manicure I show so... Zzz.. Do you like sleep? Me too... Clearly its time for this Ithi to get some Ithi-kip!

Have a great day/night.



  1. Wow! It's very creative, I love it.

  2. I hope you did get some sleep, Ithi! I like sleeping, too ;) You did a great job with this colorful manicure!

  3. Wow, this manicure looks so pretty!
    I love the combination of all these bright and dark polishes together!

    Xx Julia

  4. this is the rest for my eyes ! love it ! i love the grey combination ,and it is pity you didnt wear it few days and after that put rainbow nail art ! love both ! i saw too , on the Google rainbow about winter game and i think i will make something similar because of that ! bravo dear ! love !

  5. Oh wow, the black looks so so cool on its own, but with the rainbow colours over.. just beautiful! Such a cool idea!

  6. i really like this, very pretty! :)

  7. this came out great! a creative and beautiful look :)


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