Zoya: Indigo Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals! 
How are you all doing today? I'm happy to say I recovered from my extreme tiredness and had a pretty fun day, it was far from the day I'd planned which included a list of chores, wahoo! What..? Its not like the chores are going anywhere, anyway :P Or at least until tomorrow! This week on my Facebook page I asked again what polish people would most like to see swatched and reviewed out of a choice of three polishes. The winner was the beautiful 'Indigo' by Zoya, lets take a look-see shall we?
More Rainbow For The Ithi! ~  Indigo with one layer of Hypnotic from Picture Polish
 Colour ~ Indigo is representative of its name, its a dark lush navy which leans between blue and purple tones.. In some light there is a strong metallic cool blue lurking. A gorgeous feature is that it contains micro multi-coloured glitter through-out the polish but as you will see it does not show on the nails like it does on the bottle. The end result of two coats means that I will get a very subtle flash of rainbow here and there but to others may not be the most noticeable.  

Application ~ Very smooth, I had no trouble at all with Indigo. It dries in a fairly reasonable time, it doesn't streak or bubble. Two coats was enough to get the coverage you see here. 

Texture ~ I think I'd call this a crème... Maybe I am mistaken here. In my opinion is seems very silky and the end result looks incredibly glossy. I almost thought my pictures looked weird because of how much shine bounces off the nails. 

★★★★/5 A really wonderful polish from Zoya so why not 5 stars? I love the subtly of the glitter but if I am honest just the tiniest but more would be super. I'd say its a flawless polish in terms of application and finished look. I'd certainly recommend this polish to those who love a great dark blue polish.  

What do you think of Indigo? Do you like the subtle glitter or do you prefer polish with more glitter?

Enjoy your weekend, beautiful Pals! 


  1. The nail polish from Zoya looks really cute :)

  2. Oh,it is wonderful!
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  3. wow hypnonic is beautiful! Indigo is gorgeous too. looks great on you.

  4. Great review, I think I like both ^^

  5. Very stylish! I like delicate glitter a lot! It's good to have a reliable navy blue polish. My favorite is essie Afterschool Boy Blazer.


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