Barry M: Atlantic Road (Texture) Swatch & Review ★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are we all doing? How is your week going? I really intended to post before today but there where just things popping up all over the place, there are some events taking place in my personal life which are exciting, I'll tell you about that when I know more :) Today I have a swatch and review of Barry M's 'Atlantic Road' to show you which is a textured polish!

Please excuse the weird colouring on my fingers... I am having a hate/hate relationship with some new remover.
Colour ~ Atlantic Road is a pale powdery turquoise which can almost look sky blue in certain light. The texture of this polish adds the illusion of shimmer which helps lighten its appearance. I'm undecided as to whether or not I like the colour combination mixed with the texture.

Application ~ It applies as an easy, fairly watery liquid. There are really no issues with application although I will say that you need to fully allow it to dry because otherwise the textured effect will take much longer to appear. Dry time is pretty impressive when applying thin coats.

Texture ~ Just like Station Road this polish also has the same silky but grainy texture when applying and dries into a typical sandy textured finish.

★★★/5 Even though I love blues I am just not as keen on this polish as I was about Station Road. I like the colour, I like the texture... but do I like the two combined? Maybe its just my skin tone (I find it brings out any redness I may have going on) but I find something quite unflattering when wearing this which is a real shame. Of course if you have nothing similar in your collection then this may suit you well; I have nothing bad to say but I find little to get excited about, unlike Barry M's other textured polishes.

Do you like this colour with the texture? Have you tried any of the Barry M textured polishes yet? Tomorrow's post is going to be slightly different, if your a fan of purple polishes stop by!

Have a great day!


  1. looks very nice on your nails. I like Barry M very much but I havent tried textured yet. Have a nice day :D

    1. Thank you Fife, I'm just not too sure with this one! I hope you like the textures when you try them, I love the other two I own :) Have a great day too! xx

  2. I have other color from this collection and I love it:)
    This one's awesome as well;)

    1. I'm glad you like them so far Ela, I personally like Station Road more than this one! xx

  3. beautiful color and texture shape.i dont have ligh blue texture and love how it goes on your nails !
    thanks for nice pictures !

    1. Glad you like it, Bubica! I guess it is quite unusual for this shade to be a texture also, I think thats why I like Barry M's textured yellow so much! Thank you for being so sweet! <3 xx

    2. unusual , yes, but very nice ! my compliments !

  4. i love the color, and of course the texture :)


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