Frightfully Bright

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing, did you have a good weekend? My weekend plans were cancelled since I was so poorly last week but I'm glad we will be going to the zoo next Sunday! Today I'm taking it easy with lots of Green tea, Farmville 2, a small trip to the mini mall and the season finale of The Walking Dead with Mr Bravo, do any of you guys watch that show? Last night I created an incredibly bright manicure and I was so excited to show you today. All I can say is... If I was to recreate it now I'd do a lot differently, but I'll show you anyway. Please excuse the messy cuticles (cry) it was so hard to clean this up with the rubbish nail polish remover I am now using (Love, love, love Cutex but can't find it here in Holland)

On all my nails I started with two coats of Barry M's 'Peach Melba' and created a gradient using Model's Own 'Sophie's Pink', Picture Polish 'Wisteria' and Barry M's 'Guava' on the tips. I then used striping tape to create a 'sun ray' sort of design and applied Barry M's textured polish 'Station Road'.
What I would do differently next time: I would make the tape design more abstract like the thumb nail, I think that design looks better. I would also have hoped for a better clean up for a better end result.

What do you think of this manicure? Do you like textured polish paired with this gradient?
Hope you have beautiful day!


  1. I think you absolutely achieved the look or idea u were going for. Your cleanup is just Fine and the Mani itself is so cheerful and perfect!! I love it!

  2. this is amazing and advanced design- spotless! :) x

  3. great idea! and wow for a thumb:)

  4. what a bright, and fun manicure!!

  5. sugar nails for sugar girl ! love this bright nails with texture ! love love love

  6. The birght colors and the stripes are beautiful! But I think I would prefer the yellow polish in a glossy finish.

  7. I love this bright mani :). I think each nail looks amazing but your abstract thumb really is something else! Awesome xx


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