Happy Purple Day - Ithi's Fabulous Five Purple Picks

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Happy Purple Day! Yes it actually is purple day today, did you know that? I just love purple so I decided to make today's post a little different. I'm going to show you my 'fabulous five purple picks'. Purple day is actually a day to raise awareness for epilepsy and was founded by nine year old Cassidy Megan in 2008, isn't that amazing? I have to tell you that looking through my collection of purple polishes and picking only 5 was not the easiest task in the world but here's my purple loves that I'd recommend to you!

From L to R: Color Club: 'Eternal Beauty', Barry M: 'Prickly Pear',  Models Own: 'Purple Passion', Hema: 'Chameleon Cobalt' and Picture Polish 'Wisteria'.

Thumb: This is Color Club's stunning purple based holographic polish 'Eternal Beauty'. You can see my past review here: Ever since I saw a swatch of this polish I just had to have it and I was by no means disappointed! I still get glassy eyes of wonder whenever I am wearing it, I just can't stop admiring its beauty.
Index: The gorgeous and subtle 'Prickly Pear' from Barry M. You've probably seen this one pop up in my nail art from time to time, it works so beautifully with all sorts of colours. I'll be adding a review soon.

Middle: This is Model's Own's 'Purple Passion'. It was one of the first MO polishes I ever purchased and even now I love it no just because of its colour but its vinyl-like finish. I reviewed this one quite some time ago here. Sadly I believe it is discontinued now.

Ring-ding Finger: This rich indulgent duo chrome is from the Hema, 'chameleon cobalt'. This is a pretty indigo which shifts delicately from blue to purple shades. It's just silky, smooth and packs a wicked shine.

Pinky: The lovely and delicate 'Wistera' from Picture Polish, a wonderful bright purple crème. I have already reviewed this one Here

Whats your all time favorite purple polishes? Is there a polish in my top five that grabs your fancy?

Play in purple and have a great day,


  1. I loooove purple too, it's one of my favourite colours when it comes to nail polishes. I love Models Own: 'Purple Passion the most I think. :-)

  2. What a beautiful purple collection! I love all of them, they look fantastic on your nails :)

  3. nice collection ! like them all ! superb pictures !


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