Turtle Bay ~ Water Nails And Turtle Shell

Allo polish Pals,
How are you today? I hope your having a good start to the week :) Did you do anything fun for St. Patrick's day? Today I was back to feeling chirpy and decided to try something new. Water nails! I had wanted to try this awesome tutorial from Chalkboard Nails for sometime and today was the day. Originally I had planned water lilies but upon finding *this* cute little turtle on Pinterest I knew I would have to go for a turtle manicure!

For my shell accent ring finger I started with two coats of Layla's soft touch #11. I then applied white lines using Fogan's 'white #09' polish and detailed using black acrylic paint and thin lines of Fogan's '18'. For all my other nails I used Guylond's set of mini gradient blue polishes, I used them all except the darkest shade to make a gradient. On top of this I used acrylic paint in white to hopefully look like water ripples/waves. I then used black acrylic to create a silhouette of a turtle on my thumb and gave a few little shell details using the Bronze polish from Fogan again. I topped each nail off with a splash of top coat.
I personally think the water isn't the best but I think its 'ok' for a first effort!

Have you been inspired to try someone's tutorial before? What do you think of sea-like manicures?
Have a great day!


  1. oh , i love it very much , so so cute nails !
    love the way how you make it ! i love those little creatures ! so your nails are beautiful ! have some turtle nails , and i plan to make more and more ! they are my favor !

  2. bravooo- I love it very much. Your turtle is so cute and I love your ring finger with turtle's shell so beautiful :)

  3. Ithi these are amazing! Love the water effect and I love the turtle accent :) xx

  4. GORGEOUS!! I love the colors together and your accent's (especially ring finger with the graphical feel to the pattern) combined :D

  5. love it, the turtle is so cute!!!

  6. this is beautiful, and i love your turtle!!


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