Happy Tartan Day!

Allo polish Pals!
Hope you are all having a good weekend; Happy Tartan day! Did you know that today is tartan day? I'm not sure I've ever owned a piece of tartan but I decided to pay tribute with a tartan manicure for today's post. Tartan day was created to celebrate the well known pattern and Scottish history. I hope that one day I will get to see Scotland because it looks so beautiful from what I've seen. Just a quick post today so we'll get onto the manicure!

I'm not proud of this manicure at all, I think when you freehand lines your setting yourself up. You think lines are simple but when you see a few little mistakes here and there it is so easy to critique it. Anyway... I started with Fearne's 'Cherry On Top' on all my nails and created the tartan using Fogan's White and green (I forget the shade numbers but I'll update this) and Barry M's 'Gold Foil'. I finished this off with a lashing of Model's Own top coat.

Do you like tartan print? Is Scotland a place you'd like to visit?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. I haven't heard abiut that day but I like your mani:))

    1. Thank you! It seems like there are a lot of random days which many people don't know about (I didn't know about this one until I discovered it online) it makes for interesting nail art I might not normally try! :D xx

  2. i love it ! so bright and so good nail art ! ii love free hand nail art , and it is not easy to make it ! congrats Ithi, i do really like it ! very beautiful ! and red red red is on your nails ! yupeeee !

    1. Awh thank you Bubica! :) Yeeeees more red from me, its so rare haha :) Thank you so much for you kind words :) xx

  3. These are beautiful and so eye catching. Love the colours and I think you did an awesome job on the line work x


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