Opposites Attract - Neon's V Greyscale

Allo polish Pals!
Happy King's Day to you all – a holiday we are celebrating here in Holland :)
How are you? Are you having a fantastic weekend? I'm glad the weekend is finally here, I've just found myself without time and stressing this past week so I am looking forward to a new fresh week with much more blogging and hopefully some manicures I can be proud of. On the plus side I did find a new brand this week while browsing the local drug store. It's called 'Yes Love' and they have some really nice glitter polishes so I decided to opt for a neon glitter today and then applied its perfect counterpart. I'm not happy with this manicure at all but its nice to have something to post and share with you again. The neon glitter looks much more vibrant in person :/

On my thumb, index and pinky I started with two coats of Yes Love's neon glitter in 'G1-5'. I then created stripes using Model's Own 'Grey Day', Essence's 'Grey-t To Be Here' and W7's matte black.
On my remaining fingers I applied two coats of 'Grey Day' and finished them off with Essence's Effect Topper 'White Dress and Black Tie' and a pink candy stud from The Born Pretty Store.

It's far from perfect but I am really loving the Yes Love glitter polishes, they are fun to play with! I dislike so much about this manicure but I hope soon I can start being more creative and less stressed!!I know I am out and busy tomorrow but I have a lot more ideas floating around now :)

What do you guys think of this manicure? Do you like bright colours paired with grey-scale shades?

Enjoy your weekend, I'll see you Monday :)


  1. Love that neon glitter!:) And you did a great mix! It looks great:) Have a great weekend, Ithi:)

  2. Woww those neon stripes look really pretty and I also love the glitter that you added to complet this mani! :)

    Xx julia

  3. i love this! the combo of neon and black and white is perfect!

  4. i like this mix art.love grey stripes and flashy pink a lot !

  5. Wow I love the neon glitter. I've hot nothing like this in my collection :)). I really like this mani you are way too hard on yourself x

  6. I think you've done it again, a great mani. I love the different nails you've created. :-)

  7. I think this looks great, bright colors combined with gray is always a nice thing I think :D


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