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*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope the weather is just as lovely where you are, today in Holland is a beautiful sunny day which makes me happy! Today's post is going to be quite long so I'll get right to it! Recently the lovely team at Sammy Dress allowed me to try their Oumaxi 12 color acrylic nail paints for 3d nail art and I couldn't wait to review them! I know this is something I will always want to keep supplied in my nail art kit from now on – it takes a great product to have that effect. Please read the full post as I have a lot to say and a few pictures for you!
Before applying my top coat
The set came with 12 colours containing black, white, yellow, orange, red, pink, light blue, blue, purple, indigo, a light green and a dark green and are in these very handy little squeezable tubes. I was happy about the packaging because its an ideal way to get enough product out without wasting more then I needed. Since I had only ever used a non-brand name of acrylic paints (They where one Euro from a supermarket) I was so excited to try these and I promise you I was not disappointed AT ALL.  Please continue reading for more pictures and my review...
 I found the texture of these paints simply amazing, creamy and smooth and highly blend-able. Mixing two colours together into a gradient felt the easiest it has ever and its almost as if the colours melt together. This also means that mixing and combining colours works smoothly. They also have incredible pigment – In the past with the no-name brand I found the colours to be weak and sometimes streaky but the Oumaxi paints come out wonderfully vibrant and have great coverage. I found myself barely needing any water but instead blotting my brush occassionally on a piece of kitchen paper which seems to work better. And.. these paints can be used on a number of different surfaces such as wood, brick, nails, paper and so on. Handy!

Of course with all the wonderful aspects of the Oumaxi paints I just had to try out some flower designs. I'm not the one-stroke flower artist I hope to one day be yet *but* I do think the Oumaxi paints gave me a far more beautiful outcome than my previous attempts. I'm going to be looking forward to using these often! I'm also convinced these are the only paints I will ever want to paint with again.
Another great thing? Applying a top coat doesn't smear the paint at all, hooray!
The Manicure: On my thumb, middle and pinkie finger I used two coats of Sinful Colors 'Dancing Nails' and on my remaining nails I used Herôme '206'. Literally everything else was created with the Oumaxi paints and a small flat brush.

Sammy Dress: This is my first time with Sammy Dress and I have to compliment them so much, they are incredibly friendly and their postage service was great. The Oumaxi paints where packed neatly and securely with no damage. The postage was also really fast. I was actually quite overwhelmed by their wonderful customer care so I am really grateful. They also stock a number of nail art products so take a look if you can :)

If you use Acrylic which ones do you prefer to use? What do you think of my latest attempt with one stroke flowers?
Have a great day!


  1. I love your design! The flowers look amazing! I just bought some acrylic paints today but haven't used it yet - I'm looking forward to trying it out! :)

  2. hello dear ! what a wonderful surprise of you ! flowers on your nails !flowers are amazing with mixed acrylic colors !!!

  3. Hi Dear, I used this product :) I love it. I think it's very good quality. I used them here: http://k-orom.blogspot.hu/2014/03/horoszkop-kihivas-szuz.html I love your flowers :) Your nails are very pretty :)

  4. Wow love this nail art and I'd like to try this brand myself! The quality of these paints is Amazing :)

    Xx julia

  5. I have these acrylic colours too, but I haven't used them that much. This is yet again a gorgeous nail art by you. Stunning colours together and a beautiful mani. Happy Easter to you my dear friend. <3

  6. i really need to try one stroke flowers again, they turned out so bad when i tried lol. i need to get some acrylic paints


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