Zero Nana Funny Parallelogram Sequins Review

This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your week has gone off to a good start? Just a short post from me today while I patiently wait for the water men to fix the meter and I can finally get the biggest cup of green tea to wake myself up – Not much happens before a good cup of tea for me!
Today I am showing you these 'Zero Nana Funny Parallelogram Type sequins' from Tmart and just one of the many ways you could chose to wear them. Don't forget to check out their website, they have some really cool and unusual nail polishes and nail art products!

 These Zero Nana sequins are absolutely delightful! When I first saw them on the Tmart website I was in awe at the bottle with a good old fashioned cork stopper; there's something about sequins presented this way that makes me think of fairies and magic potions – don't you agree? The sequins are diamond shaped and come in different colours (You'll see pinks, golds, green, blues and so on) and have a duochrome/holograpic appearance. For example you'll see the sequins in both pictures may look different colours to how they appeared in the first picture.

The cork stopper is actually really good, It stays where it needs too and is easy to open for the first time. You will have no troubles with it coming loose and no sequins will fall out – wahoo.
This is the enjoyable kind of art supply that you can create many different looks, I chose this simple idea of lining them along the tips of my nails but in a previous play around with these I did a half moon manicure and applied them just under the half moon. I also wished I was showing you a more creative use for these sequins but since I am sick I was a little less creative – I'll show you more ways to wear these in the future, I'm already thinking that putting these in a flower shape would be cute!

What do you think of this bottle of Zero Nana sequins? Do you think the bottle looks quite cute and magical?

Have a great day everybody


  1. Wow, such a cool and fun nail art. I love this, both the black matte polish and the sequins. Great mani! Your nails looks great! <3

  2. The bottle is sooomcute! Like what you did with the glitter!

  3. I like this glitter shape and how you've placed them! :D I think I would like this shiny too ;)

  4. love it !it come out very nice with black matte ! vamp look ! :D
    kisses !

  5. Oh my gosh love the bottle and love the shape of this glitter. Beautiful nails Ithi x

  6. don't even get me started on tea! i have a cup of tea every single morning! I can't start the day without my tea! Also these are so pretty! they look perfect over black!


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