First Time Flocker - N.NAIL Lovely Villus Nail Art Decoration In Blue

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Allo polish Pals!
Happy Friday, how are you today? Sometimes it feels like we're always at the weekend point, the weeks pass so quickly, don't they? This week I've had my first ever experience using flocking powder. Flocking powder is something I've always wondered about...Would I like the textured fuzzy feeling? Is it even hygienic? I had a few of these thoughts floating around my fish-tank of a brain so I figured its time to stop wondering and time to try it with an open mind. Today I am showing you this 'N.NAIL Lovely Villus Nail Art Decorations' in blue from KKCENTERHK. ~ You'll find a 10% discount code below also :)

For my textured duo nails I started with two coats of Rimmel's 'Azure Blue' to all my nails and created a French manicure using Barry M's 'Prickly Pear' on the tips. Once dry I added a coat of Sally Hansen's 'Wool Knit' texture polish to the tips and created what I hope looks like a blanket stitch with China Glaze's 'Ink' striper pen. I finally applied the flocking by adding my top coat to the exposed part of my nails that still only had the 'Azure Blue'. I the pressed down on the flocking and tapped off any excess. To finish I took a small dry nail art brush to clear of any remaining fuzz to the cuticles.

Verdict: While I think it can be great for making cute fuzzy animals and monsters (any nail art creatures, I guess) I don't think its for me. I can't get over the fuzzy feeling and I am not sure I would enjoy having wet fuzz on my nails every time I wash my hands. That said I know flocking is really popular with a lot of people and I think the quality of this flocking powder is great – a great product for creative minds! ~ For a 10% discount use the code 'ithinitybeauty' at KkcenterHK when you check out.

What do you think of flocked nails, have you tried them? Do you like the feeling?
Have a great Friday!


  1. Well hello there friend!
    You finally uploaded this manicure.
    It looks really funny....and i bet you put a lot of work into it!
    Congrats for your mani.
    And about the flocking...i'm not so much into it either...i just don't think it's for me.

  2. This is surely creative Ithi! I love the colours and the concept of your design, it really looks like stitches. I'm also with you about flock powder. I've tried it once and HECK NO! it's definitely not a look I fancy on my nails. But I do enjoy seeing creative uses for it, just don't like it on me :)
    stay well! xxx

  3. good after noon ! can i come for cup of coffee ?i would like you to make me nail like yours ! blue ! + flocking! amazing ! very creative and very cute ! bravo ITHI !

  4. Wow!! Bravo- I love it! Your nails look like small fluffy toys- amazing!
    Have a lovely weekend Ithi :D

  5. I think I wouldn't like it on my nails either but it looks funny. I have a challenge for you: Create nail art with a fluffy monster! ;)

  6. This is a really fun look. I love the colour of your flocking powder it's very eye catching. I only tried it once as an accent nail. I was quite fascinated by it but wouldn't wear it regularly xx


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