Model's Own: Purple Grey Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your week is off to a good start! Today's been pretty much the usual for a week day but I have been pondering if I should do a nail art challenge or not. So far I've considered the 31 day challenge although I am not sure I want to commit to doing that every single day; My other option is a four week challenge with Villains and Super Heroes – could make for cute nail art! Have you tried any challenges? Anyway...for today's post I am showing you a swatch and review of Model's Own's 'Purple Grey'.

Colour ~ 'Purple Grey' lives up to its name in every way, its a deliciously dark muted purple with a hint of grey that in some times almost looks like the perfect chocolate brown. I would say its a duller version of mauve but I don't say dull in a negative way. Its certainly a unique colour and the closest comparison of this colour I have would be China Glaze's 'Below Deck' but that is considerably lighter.

Application ~ The formula of this polish is an A+, when I applied my first coat I did think it was a little streaky but that was easily fixed with my second coat and I experienced the wonderful joy that it seems to self-level once applied.

Texture ~ It's quite a thick polish but it has a wonderful consistency, It dries to an extremely smooth and glossy finish which is something I love almost as much as kittens. I would say the texture is a crème. I may be wrong..

★★★★★/5 Five stars! Woot woot. The main reasons I am giving this five stars is because you may not have something similar in your collection ~ In which case I would tell you to go for 'Purple Grey' as it makes an interesting addition to any collection. The second reason is the high shine glossy finish, I just think it looks really classy. Third reason would be the formula, it is dreamy to apply, and we all like dreamy polishes don't we?

What do you think of 'Purple Grey'? Do you have something like this in your collection?
Have a great evening, beauties!


  1. wonderful shade. I love purple the most :D

  2. very unusual color ! and love to see it !

  3. That's true - very unique color:) i like it:)

  4. lovely shade!! would luv to have a shade like this

  5. you can always do the 31 day challenge but not all in a row :)

  6. Wow I didn't think I would like this so much. Looks great on you and I love your review xx

  7. This shade looks gorgeous, it's so elegant! Beautiful photos :)


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