The 31 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Green

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you are well! I've been a busy little bee so far this week, I like being productive! I'm also really excited as me and Mr Bravo booked our tickets to England last night. We'll be going for three weeks in August ~ I can't wait to see my family, its been too long!
Today I am continuing with the 31 day challenge and day four requires green nails. I decided to create something quite 'earthy' looking which included eye shadow pigments and glequins! (The next day will be blue nails – Yeah, I can't wait!)

On my index and ring finger I began by applying two coats of China Glaze's 'Smoke n' Ashes' and topped it off with Sinful Colors 'Call you later' which is a gorgeous green glitter. I then used my Oumaxi acrylic paints (From Sammy Dress) and created a few leaves, I finished these nails off by applying a few glequins to the edge of my leaves. On all my other nails I applied two coats of Pupa's 'Pearly Green' and splashed on some green loose eye pigments – Now that I look at it its not as sparkly as I would have liked but it does remind me of moss!!

What do you think of this leafy green manicure? Have you tried pigment nails yet? ~ Don't forget to check out my tutorial if it interests you!

Enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. I absolutely love it hon. Especially the thumb.
    You did a great job as always :*

  2. you have always nice idea , dear Ithi ! love your creation !.please could you take some picture for us of your black cat !
    have a nice day dear Ithi !

    1. Thank you, Dear Bubica! I would love to take some pictures of Mars the black cat but he is in England, I will take some new ones as soon as I can :D xx

  3. OMG This is gorgeous. It's unique and I love it!

  4. Wow, you created some emerald designs. Whole mani looks fantastic. Great idea Ithi! I love it very very much!

    1. Thank you Fife, I guess it does look like emerald! Thank you for your kind words :) xx

  5. So cool! I love that you used eye shadow, that's very creative and it looks really cool! I must try that too sometime :)

  6. Green is one of my fav colours and I love what you have done here xxx

  7. wow I love the combination between all those different shades of green ;)
    Your nails look stunning as Always!

    Have a nice weekend!!

    ~Xx~ Julia


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