Day 13: Animal Print

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Are you feeling fabulous about this week? I had a great weekend staying with mine and Mr Bravo's friends. Even though my stomach condition was a real nightmare I am glad that I went! This week I am embarking on being a little healthier; I even went power walking today (I got alot of really weird looks from strangers, maybe they don't power walk here in Holland!) so here's hoping I feel better for it! Today is day 13 of the 31 day nail art challenge for me which calls for animal print. I'm a real sucker for this colour combination, lets see what you guys think!

On all my nails I started with two coats of Color Club's 'Nomadic In Nude' and created my leopard print nails by using two dotting tools, Essie's 'The More The Merrier' and Yes Love's 'N030'. Simples! I then finished off this manicure by applying my Catrice Gel-like top coat.

While it is a really simple manicure I do really love the combination of the Yes Love blue and 'The More The Merrier'!

What do you think of this manicure? Do you like these colours together?

Hope you have a beautiful day!



  1. I love it, I loveeee it!- Perfect animal nail design dear Ithi :)

    1. Thank you so much, Fife! I enjoyed this manicure which is unusual for me as I am normally scared of animal print! :D xx

  2. Oh these colours look great together! I wouldn't think of pairing the bright blue and green together myself but I like how it turned out! I also love leopard print :D Thanks for already visiting my new blog!

    1. Thank you, Robin! Its actually very similar colours to a manicure I did ages ago; It happened to be my most viewed post and I really enjoyed the colours so thought I would attempt it again :D You are so welcome, I am glad I found your new blog :D xx

  3. I love your leopard print! I hope you feel better and good luck on your health journey!

  4. I love neons and nude! these colors go so well together! great job on the freehand leopard print too... i'm still struggling to do freehand leopard print :(

    hope your stomach is feeling better... i've been having weird stomach issues too


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