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Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Happy mid week to ya! This week is flying by but then again they all seem to be! I'm excited that next month I'll be visiting my family back in England ~ Yay! Also it will be crazy here tonight in Holland as Argentina are playing against Holland – I'm not a huge football fan but I do love how patriotic everyone seems here with celebrating their team! Last night I came up with a manicure which I really wasn't sure about but strangely enough it began to grow on me. I decided to recreate it today (I'm pretty much a lazy arse right now since I can not move so much with the pain to my ribs) to see what you guys think. Here's my blue, green and black creation with half moons and straight lines!

On all my nails (Except my ring finger) I began with two coats of Yes Love's Black polish, I then used a reinforcement ring to tape off my half moon shape and applied Yes Love's #007 (Or Kermit green as I prefer to call it) Next I used striping tape to add straight block lines of Anny's 'Blue Bikini Girl' and sponged on a little of Color Club's 'Cool Metal' to the tips. Finally...! For my ring finger I started with two coats of Yes Love #007 and again used the same black to create a half moon. I then applied B.O Calabash's blue sequin glitter on top.

So what do you guys think of this manicure? I don't think I have paired straight lines with half moons – do you think it works or is it OTT?

Have a great evening!


  1. I think it's cute! I like the little gradient that you sponged on, and I love that polish on your ring finger!

  2. love this color combo ! very nice !

  3. this is cool i like the mix of the curved and straight lines and the colors! :)

  4. wow those sparkles and studs look wonderful on your nails!
    I think this manicure looks great!

    hope you'll have a wonderful weekend ;)

    xx julia

  5. I love how the colors of your accent nail so with the colors on the rest of your nails :)


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