Manicure Swap With Andreea of Ditta Nail Design & Art

Allo polish Pals!
Happy weekend to you all, yay for Friday! I hope you are all well, do you have any exciting plans? I'll be heading to the market tomorrow and then out to lunch with Mr Bravo which will be nice.
For this post I have to tell you about my amazing friend, Andreea from Ditta's Nail Design andArt. I met Andreea several months ago through facebook when there was the '#sharethelove' movement going on. It was a great event and lots of people shared their nail art pages and exchanged links. Since then I talk regularly with Andreea and I consider her to be such a great friend, in fact we talk most days! Sometimes we even share our manicures and get advice from each other on our designs.She is a very kind and sweet person and I am glad I got to meet her!

We decided to do a manicure swap recently, I recreated her 'River Stone's' manicure and she decided to recreate my pink and green polka dot manicure. Lets take a look!

 On the left is my version of Andreea's beautiful river stone manicure, I decided for a blue base as I am not too keen on my slightly stained nails. I think Andreea's manicure is beautiful.
On the right is Andreea's recreation of my pink and green nails. I think Andrea did a great job and I love the single lined dots.

This was my first ever swap and I am really glad I got to do this with Andreea. Don't you think its fun to see how unique the different versions are from each original? Please don't forget to check out Andreea's blog to see all her other beautiful nail art :)
If any body would like to participate in a manicure swap please let me know!

Have a great day


  1. Cool! Both designs and the recreations look really pretty :) I love Andreea's stone design and your recreation of it looks really nice - I love how you added the blue background to change it up a bit :)

  2. Wow swwety. Thank you very much for the kind words!
    I am glad I got to meet you too!
    I feel like I gained a friend for life! ( I also have to thank you for these last few days, for being here for me. You're just amazing)
    I love the way the designs turned out.
    You're an artist I apreciate a lot.
    Kisses :*

  3. wow all the nail arts you swapped :) look great!
    I like both versions ;)

    xx julia

  4. all this manicures are amazing ! love each work, because we put all love what we have to do it !
    bravo girls !

  5. such a cute mani swap! I highly recommend China Glaze Candlelight for designs where you want to leave parts of your nail naked but need to hide staining. It hides stains really well but doesn't look like you have anything on :)

  6. Great mani swap. I found your blog through Andreea's post and I am glad I did, I browsed a little bit your page and found a lot of creative and unique looking nail art designs. Your very talented, so you have a new follower :) I wish you a great week begin!

  7. What a genius idea! I love this manicure swap! All the manis came out beautiful and what I love the most is that is not just a copy of the original but a re-interpretation. Great post Ithi!!
    (maybe one day we could swap manis too, hihi, there are so many designs of yours I'd love to see on my nails!!)

  8. Isn't the nail community just the greatest? I love making such good friends over our crazy polish obsession :)) xx


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