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How are you today? I hope your excited for the weekend – will you be doing anything nice or taking the chillaxed approach? We're into our last week in England next week ~ boo. That does make me sad how quickly time goes but I'll enjoy this coming week. Thank you so much for all your kind and supportive words in my last post, you guys are amazing and it really meant a lot to me. I'm doing ok now and crying less, its still hard but I am keeping busy as possible so I don't think too much. Today I have a simple creation that I am really not fond of... Sadly with everything that has gone on I've not been able to create too much new nail art and I wasn't pleased with the out come of this but anyway...

For this manicure I used Nails Inc's 'Kensington High Street' on all my nails except my ring nail and created a gradient by adding China Glaze's 'Fly' to the tips. I finished these nails by simply adding a candy stud from The BornPretty Store. (Check to the left for a 10% discount on all their items) On my ring finger I applied two coats of 'Fly' and applied a pink feather on top.

I've worn feathers before but I am not too happy with the outcome of this... I don't think my feather placement was too good but I also think I should have used a lighter base colour – That said I don't have all my polishes to chose from so I did the best with what I could, so nerr :P

What do you guys think of this manicure? Have you worn a real feather on your nails; What is your opinion on this nail art style?

I'll be posting again as soon as I can get some time to create something half decent (Maybe I have my vacation head on because I am not creating things I am happy with at all!) I'm off to paint my sister's nails now :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. the nails are perfect! I love how you placed the feather and the base color is so nice! I do not know what you see in it that does not please you!
    Have fun and enjoy your last week! I'm sure you will :)

  2. Ithi I think these nail are absolute perfection. Fabulous colour and I just love the feather accent nail xx

  3. These are really pretty nails, I do like the feather look with these colours :-)

  4. Wow ..! This is absolutely lovely <3

  5. I like it a lot, it looks great, all the design :)

  6. perfect ! love this purple and how it came out ! enjoy with your family ITHI !

  7. I'm glad to read you're doing a bit better now! I think your gradient turned out really nice here, and I love the colours you used! I have used feathers once in a manicure but it kind of become a big fluffy mess :D

  8. Oh you! This looks gorgeous! Love the colors together and the feather accent nail! :D

  9. The gradient is very nice! Though I agree - a lighter base would have accented the feather. Next time! :)

  10. Gorgeous manicure, and you know me, I love purple..<3

  11. looks wonderful, purple, feather- just perfect design. I have not used a feather on my nails yet, but I am happy to try.

  12. I haven't tried using feathers before for nail art. Personally I like the more subtle look of this one since there isn't as much contrast with the base color :)


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