Barry M: Cardamom Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you've had a good week so far. I was a little late in posting; It was weird coming home. I'm kinda home sick and missing my family and of course there were changes here such as Kimmy being gone which kinda of threw me off. On a positive note I've been doing well keeping up my exercise and I'm feeling good for it – Keeping busy certainly helps. While at Bristol airport I was lucky enough to do a little retail therapy. It didn't make saying goodbye to my parents any easier but it did take my mind off things for a little while browsing colours. I managed to pick up some more Barry M Gelly's which if you didn't figure out yet... I'm quite a big fan of! Today I have a swatch and review of Barry M's 'Cardamom'.

A green so shiny, look how it captures reflections!

Colour ~ Cardamom is a beautiful and insanely glossy muted olive green. While looking at the colour it also reminds me of what I'd call a 'sage' green. I love the muted tone of this polish and can imagine it will be a great polish for fall and for tribal nail art. Of course I don't let season's stopping me from wearing what I want!

Application ~ Amazing application! Just as with the other Gelly polishes I have tried it applies in a perfectly thick cream sort of way. I am wearing two coats which I applied quite fast on top of each other and again I had no troubles with bubbles and the polish leveled itself out nicely giving a flawless look.

Texture ~ As I mentioned above the texture is really quite spectacular; Its creamy gel formula also have a lovely dry time meaning its great for those who want to quickly get onto the nail art!

★★★★★/5 I'm giving Cardamom a full five stars because I just think this shade is incredibly beautiful in an underrated sort of way; Add to this the amazing dry time and the amazing glossy result (Which is the polish alone, no top coat) I think it is a real winner. I urge true green fans to grab this one if they can!

How do you feel about green polish? Have you tried any of the Gelly polishes from Barry M; How do you find them?

Have a great evening!



  1. welcome home dear! love this green, it is so beautiful ! really

  2. This looks really good on you :-)

  3. Welcome home Ithi!
    Green is not my colour at all but on your nails looks exquisite. Barry M has fantastic collections :)
    Take care dear Ithi!

  4. Love this color! Green is always nice :D

  5. I loooove green polishes and this is a really nice shade of green, I like it. :-)

  6. Cardamom in my favorite from this collection. Looks lovely!

  7. Wow! what a colour sweetie! I love muted greens, and this one is so glossy, it suits you really well, I don't have that luck with olive green, they make my veins look so evident, and my hand looking like an 80 year old lady ,LOL!

  8. i love this green it's perfect for fall! i like how it's not too dark but it's kind of dusty so it still screams fall :) i really need to figure out where to get barry m here in Canada all the gelly polishes look beautiful!

  9. Don't worry my friend, you will see your family again soon! :)


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