Pink Waves For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Allo polish Pals!
Are you having a good weekend? I'm so sorry for my vanishing act and I am a little behind on commenting, I promise I am doing my best to catch up with everything! I missed you guys...
Now...Today I am featuring a manicure to help raise awareness for breast cancer as many of you have done this month. I think it is so important to raise awareness for this cause and to honor the many amazing and brave women who may currently be fighting, survived or tragically lost their fight too early. Why is it important to raise awareness? It's crucial we educate our youngster's so that they know that it is good to know their bodies, to be comfortable checking themselves and the correct ways to do so, there is an easy to follow guide *here* Not only is it important to raise awareness for funding and research but an early diagnosis can really help catch cancer in time. I send my deepest and absolute love and thoughts to those who have been inflicted with this awful disease. 

The manicure: I started with two coats of Yes Love's 'G12-1' (pearly baby pink) on my ring finger and continued with Essie's 'A Cut Above'. I then applied a matte topcoat and created the breast cancer awareness symbol, the pink ribbon. On all the other nails I started with Fogan's '16' (a bright metallic pink) and used a plastic sandwich bag to gently add the Yes Love pink, DA's '103', and Fogan's '16' and '11' to create a sort of arty textured look. I then used a light pink which I mixed from my Oumaxi acrylic paints to add some subtle wavy lines. I also decided to see how this looked with a matte top coat. I think I prefer it matte, it looks much softer!

Have you been raising awareness for breast cancer? - What did you do? What do you think of this very pink manicure?

Have a great weekend guys, I'll be more organized this week – promise!


  1. Well you know a bit of what I do to raise awareness of breast cancer....;-)
    This is a supercute manicure! I love it! <3

  2. yes , i love pink , and it is very important to make this awareness
    this marble and waves are adorable !

  3. amazing design, you are playing with pink very well- I love this effects :)

  4. Great look and an important and good post! :)

  5. This is an amazing design and for such a good cause :-)

  6. Very harmonical! I like pink manis. Though I haven't done any special mani this month to raise awareness.

  7. Great cause and a very pretty design. They look fab with the matte top coat! (that's the matte top coat I have too :))

  8. Gorgeous manicure for this cause. I am wearing pink manicures all October long, I want to raise awareness with my story and my pink nails, and I really do hope that I can help. I have to mention that I am a BC survivor and I know how hard the battle is with this horrible disease.


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