Glitzy Rainbows

Allo polish Pals!
Hope you are having a lovely day so far? I'm in one of those frantic painting modes, there is nail polish everywhere as I am panicking to create posts for while I am in England (Not long now!) but today I thought I would continue with the brightening of moods while the weather is gloomy, so lets have some rainbows, shall we? This was one of my ideas the other night as I struggled to sleep. It didn't come out quite how I imagined, in fact... I planned it to be a lot more arty and abstract with patterns in the clouds but this is the end result. Please excuse my cuticles... *Hides face in shame*

On all my nails I began with two coats of Barry M's 'Pearl' (I'll be needing a new bottle soon, I love this polish for so many nail art ideas!) I then created a really random gradient using China Glaze's 'Something Sweet' , 'As Light As Air', Barry M's 'Peach Melba', Picture Polishes 'Sky', Essie's 'Mint Candy Apple' and finally Sinful Colors ' Unicorn'. I then applied Collistar's glitter (I wish I had used a larger glitter.) and painted my rainbows and clouds using acrylic. I topped it all off with OPI's top coat.

What do you think about rainbow nail art? Do you like it or do you prefer less colours to your manicure?

I hope you have a lovely evening!


  1. I LOVE it Ithi!! The pastel gradient looks so so nice and I love the sparkles! Perfect design to cheer people up :)

  2. This looks really amazing. So pretty. I really love the gradient and the rainbows and the glittery topper :-)

  3. the pastel gradient is fabulous and also all design is incredibly pretty :)

  4. wow. you made my day ! for today is the best manicure ! so neat and pretty! i like it so mach !
    admire for rainbow and clouds , looks superb !

  5. These are really cute! I love the sparkles and the delicate colors of the gradient :)

  6. It is a joy to look at this mani, you had a fantastic idea and the outcome of it is great.

  7. wow this looks amazing :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!
    Xx julia

  8. Aww its so beautiful and colorful :D

  9. Love your watercolor like gradient!!! Beautiful mani!


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