Models Own: Blueberry (Scented) Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Did you opt for a relaxing and quiet weekend or have you been busy and productive? I have to say mine was a pleasant mixture of both, I managed to completely reorganize all my nail polish, get a lot of swatches done and get everything tidy. (for the time being, anyway!) I'd say to say a quick Happy Birthday to the lovely Jacquie over at Claws Up! I have been following Jacquie near enough the time I started my blog and she comes up with some really cool designs – go check out her blog! Today I have Model's Own's 'Blueberry' to show you which came from their scented polish collection.

Colour ~ Blueberry certainly lives up to its name in the form of a beautiful soft pastel blue. I like this shade and how delicate it looks but I have to say one thing. Blue Tac. I'm not sure if its called other things in different countries but it reminds me of the sticky stuff you use to put posters on the wall ~ That doesn't sound good does it?! But I do feel very positive about this shade though and I know from past experience it looks great with nail art.

Application ~ Application was a dream, I am wearing three coats here and at first it may appear streaky but don't worry because it will even out beautifully. I also applied my coats quite fast in between and had no issues with bubbling. I'd also like to mention that dry time was relatively good.

Texture ~ This polish is medium in thickness and applies as a creme, Its easy to get too much on the brush which will cause it to look thick so remember that less is more, start little and add more if need be. It dries to a flawless and shiny finish.

★★★★/5 I really suggest blueberry for anyone who is looking for a blue as light as this and who may have had trouble with streaky blues in the past. This one will look flawless and streak-free if you take your time. If your buying purely for the 'scent' aspect I urge you not to as eventually the scent will fade over time – Remember it is only the top of the cap that is scented – NOT the polish itself. But I love the polish which means that really isn't a factor for me, just a novelty touch.

Do you own any blues as pale as Blueberry? Have you ever owned a polish bottle with a scented feature?

Have a fantastic evening, see you soon!


  1. Haha I know what you mean by Blue Tac! I call it "that chewing gum stuff for posters" lol ;) This is such a nice light blue! It did come as a surprise to me that only the bottle is scented and not the polish, thanks for mentioning that!

  2. Heiii heiii!

    Lovely swatch darling. The first question I was going to ask you is that if the nail polish smells!!
    I think that would be a dream!
    (tiptop is getting close to that...bc their polishes don't smell bad at all. you'll see that when you recieve your prize)

    And about my weekend...i think you already know how it went: kind of amazing (from some points of view)
    Ah...and interesting...we choose our new president today. (we'll have another round in 2 weeks to choose between the first 2)

    kisses love

  3. what a nice light shade of blue ! i like it so so much !
    have a nice day dear Ithi !

  4. I like this shade very much and it is already on my wishlist :)
    Take care Ithi :)

  5. That color looks so lovely on your fingertips!
    Thanks for sharing ;) I think this white is the perfect base for a stunning manicure!


  6. I adore such fresh white-ish light blue polishes. This one is beautiful! Find Me An Oasis from essie is almost alike.

  7. This is an interesting looking polish, I love the finish of it and I really can imagine it in different kind of nail arts!

  8. This is cool, I like the paleness and I don't have anything like it. I have a few scented polishes though, one chocolate and some berry/flower like. Also like the new shape of you nails! It suits you! :P

  9. Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet birthday message! :)

  10. It does look like sticky tack! That's what we call it over here in Canada haha Glad to hear this wasn't streaky too... light blues like this tend to be streaky


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