Romantic Blue Flower Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
Happy Mid week to you all, isn't it going fast?! How are you all doing? I'm super excited that it is only around four weeks until me and Mr Bravo travel back to England, I am looking forward to seeing my family even though it wasn't as long this time. Today I have some very beautiful floral nails to show you; These are full nail water decals from The Born Pretty Store called 'Romantic Blue Flower Pattern'.

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First of all I am in love with the design of these decals, they are super girly and are great for full nail art or even using as an accent nail or partially using the pattern on half the nails – I have to say that mine certainly appear more solid shades of purple than blue – that isn't a trick of the light or my camera. They really are purple but I like it a lot! I think this would look really cute paired with a summer dress or paired with glitter polish.

Just like all the decals I have used from The Born Pretty Store these were really easy to apply and you can have a full set of nails under 5 minutes when you have mastered water decals. I started by cutting my chosen sized decal and removed the clear protective plastic which covered the pattern. I then plunged the decal into water using my tweezers for around 40 seconds. I then easily but carefully slid the pattern off of the white backing paper and positioned it onto the nail. I then had around 40 seconds to wiggle the decal into position, making sure I had no creases and ensuring the nail bed was entirely covered with the pattern. I applied my top coat, and tada I was done!

I added some very subtle accent nails by using two coats of Barry M's 'Heather' and added Pacific Rhapsody’s '23' to the tips in a angled chevron style tip. I finally finished off with some little gems and candy studs which can also be found at The Born Pretty Store.

What do you think of these girly purple floral decals? Are you a fan of full nail decals?
Have a great night!


  1. these are very pretty! lovely colour, I haven't tried decals yet - they sound rather tricky to me xxx

  2. whole design is spectacular! Very romantic and so ..unique- I love it Ithi!

  3. Great decals and you've pair them well with your design :-)

  4. When you say "4 weeks " till you and J travel to England I am getting chills. It seems so close...and knowing you're going there for Christmas ... It's even scarier. Time flies too fast and I hate that.
    I hate it for myself but I am very happy for you because you get to see your family and so on!

    About the I already told you I think it's simply gorgeous! You did a great time applying the decals. (i think I am stupid or something..I cannot get them to work)

    Kisses love!

  5. Very sweet! I've been wanting to try these water decals because you can create such bautiful manis with them. Yours turned out beautiful!

  6. wow, i love this combo with diagonal french mani and water decals! very nice and lovely !

  7. This nail art creation looks so lovely and adorable!
    I like it ;)

    Xx julia

  8. Very romantic indeed - and pretty!

  9. these are so pretty! I am actually wearing a light purple polish with dark purple angled french tips right now! twinsies :)

  10. I tried some flower water decals from born pretty too and found they were fairly easy to use. I didn't leave my first one in the water long enough though so I accidentally popped out the middle of the flower. I got the hang of it pretty quickly after the first one though!


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