Astra: Fragola (36) - Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
Great to see you again! Tell me, did you have a wonderful Christmas? I really hope you did. I had a lovely time – being surrounded by my family; I can't forget to mention that being with Mr Bravo and my family at the same time just makes me so entirely happy. I also got really treated with nail polish again, My mum has picked some amazing colours which I am excited to share with you soon!

Now – not long until New Years so I need to cram pack this blog and get my routine back on track! Today I am showing you a polish from Astra Cosmetics – this is a polish my mum picked up for me while in Greece and was an unknown brand to me. This is #36 – or 'Fragola'.

I have to explain to you that I am having nail nightmare without my OPI Nail Envy. I currently have two tears in two nails which I am working on and hoping will grow out fast but here are swatches I prepared before we left for England!
Colour ~ Fragola is a gorgeous deep red with a hint of purple, a beautiful warm Burgundy shade. I have to say it reminds me of red wine, don't you think so too?

Application ~ I didn't know what to expect since I had never tried this brand before but I was pleasantly surprised! Application was dreamy and the dry time was really impressive. I applied two coats pretty fast in between and encountered no problems with streaking or bubbling.

Texture ~ I would describe this polish as a medium consistency, with a crème formula. It dries to a highly glossy and beautiful finish.

★★★★/5 Great first impressions from a brand I was not familiar with – if I am ever capable to expand my Astra collection I would in a heart beat, I love how sophisticated and professional the end result looks and the high gloss finish is just to die for.

Do you like deep shades like this? Have you ever tried Astra Cosmetic's products before?

Have a gorgeous day!


  1. very beautiful and very trendy this season :)
    Have a lovely day Ithi :D

  2. it shines like a diamond ! i love this color so much
    happy New Year

  3. Wow that;s a gorgeous color! I'm so glad to hear you had a good Christmas :)

  4. These swatches look so lovely my dear :)
    I'd like to try this myself <3
    And I love the purple shade!

  5. This is a really pretty colour. I like it a lot :-)

    I enjoyed Christmas, was quite - the way we like it ;-)

  6. That is SUCH a pretty colour!! So lovely warm and rich :) Your mum picked a great polish!

  7. I really like such classy and elegant colors! Didn't know this brand but it's a nice surprise how good it is.


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