Gothic Elegance

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your having a great week so far?
I totally planned to post yesterday but if I am honest I am adjusting to being back in England. Mr Bravo and I are already enjoying ourselves. My Niece comes over for breakfast as my mum then drives her to preschool afterwards. It's lovely seeing her bright and happy smiles first thing in the morning! It is lovely being home and being able to spend time with everyone including the pets :) 

Today I have a post I did last week when I was back in Holland. It started off as a simple idea but I ended up adding borders and what not....

For this manicure I.... *struggles to remember* Used three polishes, Essie's 'Cashmere Bathrobe', Color Club's 'On The Rocks' and H&M's 'Matte Silver'. I want to tell you which polishes I started with but to be honest I am getting a bit muddled up looking at it, haha. On the tips of several nails I stamped using Nail Craze stamping plate in NC03 and on my remaining nails I added some large studs I picked up as part of a set a few weeks ago – Can you help me? What is the shape of these studs called? I really can not remember! Finally I finished it all off with silver and black borders.

What do you think of this dark creation? Do you like to do partial stamping manicures?

Have a great day my friends!


  1. I don't know how the studs are called, but one thing I know, that I am in love with this design! Fantastic and creative work!

  2. You have outdone yourself with this beautiful mani, Ithi! So classy!

  3. This looks awesome, and also very unique :) I think that the studs are called french lilys, or "fleur de lis" on french :)

  4. I think the charms are "fleur de lis"! This is a gorgeous manicure, very gothic and elegant!! (hehe hence your title "gothic elegance" lol) Really amazing, and I love the charms!

  5. This looks amazing and very gorgeous :-D Love this look a lot :-)

  6. OMG Ithi, this is a real art- looks so good and everything in the fantastic colours. I love it and I think this is one of the most beautiful nail art :)

  7. that is real Gothic look ! i love the middle all i mean , colors and nail art ! superb !

  8. I'm glad you are having a good time in England! This is so classy and beautiful!

  9. WOW!! I looooove this manicure. So much details and amazing nail art! You're so talented Ithi! Gorgeous mani!
    Have a great staying in England with your famiily! <3


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