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Allo polish Pals!
Just a quick post because I wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas! I hope that every single one of you, whatever your plans, have a really wonderful day. I'll be off for a few days – I think a blogger break to enjoy time with family is a good thing so I'll be back in a few days. Thank you to everyone who comes to my blog, follows on any social media. I love you guys! I look forward to visiting all your blogs and seeing how your Christmas was!

I'll leave you with some terrible but fast Christmas-y manicures I have done – I had a not so Christmas-y Miracle with my nails so excuse the short nubs!

So much love,



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  2. oo, yes ! Merry Christmas to you and hug for your pets ! you are very nice person , both manicure are beautiful, but black cat is my favor ! Ithi ...
    wish you all the best to you your family and your pets !
    you can see my previous comment in your inbox

  3. Merry Christmas Ithi - hope you have a great time :-D

    Lovely nails :-)

  4. Pretty festive nails (: Merry Christmas (:

  5. I love the cat mani!!!! Enjoy the time with your family, Ithi sweetie!

  6. Merry Christmas Ithi! Oooh are those the Christmas cat nails you were telling me about? They look awesome!!

  7. your kitty, and cat nails are too cute!

  8. this is just so cool!
    I love this nail art creation!
    Thanks for sharing <3


  9. awesome designs my dear Ithi- hope you have a wonderful time <3

  10. I love your cat design so much! Regards, Natasha

  11. Terrible?! I don't know what you mean, I love them both!


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