Merry Christmas Nail Strips From OMGNailStrips - Review

*This item was sent tome to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you have had a lovely weekend? I had such a lovely time yesterday going with my four year old Niece to see Santa – it was at a local garden center and they did an amazing job; There was the singing reindeer, Rudy and Judy. Various points to stop and take pictures with pretty Christmas scenery, elves and Father Christmas himself was a lovely warm and jolly man; The kind of man we hope to have as a Santa. He was really good with my Niece who was a little scared at first! Would you like to see a photo post before Christmas? Enough rambling! Tonight I am showing you some more nail strips from – these are perfect for the festive season! Please read more to see and read more about this amazing design!

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Many sizes to chose from and also very easy to trim to fit smaller nail beds.
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I just had to try these 'Merry Christmas' nail strips when I saw them, beautifully covered in reindeer, Christmas tree's, presents, stars, candy canes and gorgeously repeated 'Merry Christmas' messages in red and white they were so temping! OMGNailStrips actually had a few Christmas designs that were so pretty.

As you know I have already review one set of nautical OMGNailStrips and I have to tell you that I found these strips even easier. I had pretty much figured it out after the first or second nail strip and I have found that once you have the technique – which I think even beginner nail artists can master it will take you no time to complete your manicure. I began by applying my base coat and once dry it took me around 10 minutes to have all my nails full covered and filed down – amazing! 

There's no need for water or special glue, these nail strips are super sticky, all you need to do is remove the clear protective sheet of plastic on the front of the strip, peel off the white backing and apply the rounded edge to the base of your cuticle. From there smooth the strip downwards through the middle to ensure a smooth and need surface. I then work outwards, lifting the nail strip if needed and arranging the edges to line up with the sides of my nails. The final step in my OMGNailStrips adventure is to trim off the excess nail strip as close as possible and then file off any of the rough edges or over hanging nail strip.

As you can see the strips come in seven varying sizes ranging from 17.5mm down to 10mm. They are easy to trim if necessary, just follow the perfectly smooth online. You'll also notice they are particularly long which means they will work for everybody. I had lots of excess nail strip on each nail so if your nails are long than mine your still in luck!

If you have any questions about these nail strips don't hesitate to ask me! Have you tried nail strips before?

Have a wonderful start to the Christmas week, you guys!


  1. Wow, these looks just stunning! No wrinkles or anythin, looks flawless!

  2. Wow only 10 minutes!! That's awesome Ithi! I think I need to practice a bit more before I get to that, but it's true that you get the hang of them really quickly :) I love this design!! They look perfect on your nails :)

  3. so pretty!
    I love the result of this manicure ;)

    Your nails look great <3 xx

  4. These look really good and you and they are so cute :-)

  5. I'd love to see some photos of your wonderful family time :) These nail strips are awesome when you are too busy with the holidays to do a festive mani! (like most people are hehe)


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