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* This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing? I hope your having a good week. Almost the weekend – I can't wait! I've been busy with helping with my Niece and Nephew. Gawd I missed those sweeties! I have just been pretty busy spending time with my family and having fun here in England. Of course, one thing I have enjoyed is an English roast dinner. You can't beat it! Today I am showing you some really nifty nail strips from OMGNailStrips.   

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These nail strips from OMGNailStrips are simply amazing. First of all, lets check out the cute design. I have never worn a nautical manicure so I was particularly warmed to this design which features stripes, polka dots, anchors and boat wheels. These strips boast no dry time, full 10 day wear, fits all nails and is easy to apply. - Read more for my full review.

I was amazed by how generously sized the patterns are, even if you have quite wide nail beds (oh, hello thumb) you will be able to wear these designs. They are packaged well and come with 14 full designs in varying sizes – great if you need an extra strip here or there or want to wear the designs as accent nails. I found these really easy to apply. I'm talking super easy. I began by applying a coat of China Glaze's 'First and Last' and once dry I took to applying the nail strips.

OMG Nail Strips are currently offering a 5 for $25 promotion with the coupon code "5pack" and a 10 for $45 pack with the coupon code "10pack"
Its simple! I tested my nail size against the chosen design and used scissors to carefully trim the strips a little narrower to accommodate my nails. I peeled off the clear plastic that covers the front of the design and then removed the protective backing paper. These strips are reasonably sticky – but you can gently peel them off if you need to reposition them. I then smoothed them down over my nail ensuring I had no bubbles or creases. Once I had my nail strip in place I trimmed off any excess that might have been hanging over my free edge and continued to gently file off any extra over hang of nail strip. I finished off by applying my OPI top coat.

  • Overall these strips are an absolute winner with me. I love how I can get these on my nails so quickly and I love the finished look.  I had no issues with wear in the three days that I wore them but when it was time to remove them they came off really easily – Amazing as comparison brands have in the past left me soaking, scrubbing and incredibly annoyed after 30 minutes. Classy and professional! The designs (there is a wonderful range to chose from) are gorgeous and there is something for everyone in the OMG Nail Strip store.

What do you think of these Nail Strips? Have you tried before?

Have a great evening!


  1. These look really cool on you :-)

  2. You picked such a cool design! They look lovely on you!

    1. Thank you, Robin! I love the design, I would love to wear this on a warm summers day! They are so easy to apply aren't they? :) xx

  3. I like these nautical decals :)
    Your nails look so great!


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