Amazing Floral And Bird Decals - The Born Pretty Store Review

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion. :)

 Allo polish Pals! How are you doing today? I'm about to flop! I pushed myself this morning by doing four miles of cardio/walking high intensity interval training (or Hiit) Phew, it was hard work but I feel good for achieving it! Today I have another set of water decals to show you from The Born Pretty Store; These are 'Amazing floral and birds pattern'.

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 Ok, I made a few booboo's with this manicure, I'll point them out even though its pretty obvious. I had a few bubbles going on and more wrinkles than usual – I think its just me.

Isn't this a beautiful design?! I love this stunning floral and bird design, the colours are quite an unusual combination but I think it works together perfectly. It makes me think of tropical, beautiful weather for some reason. I am really enjoying wearing this pattern, its uniquely striking and will certainly have people wondering where you bought the decals from or how you did it.

They come in a set of 12 with varying sizes, You will have decals wide enough to fit your thumb nails and even big toes! ~ If your that flexible! They are also pretty long so if your nails are longer than mine (my poor baby stubs!) you will be able to cover the nail easily. I in fact found myself cutting off a little of the decal that was extra from the free edge of my nail. Just as all the other decals I have used from The Born Pretty Store it was the standard 'dunk in water for 30 seconds, slide off the pattern and adjust it to cover the nail' technique so pretty simple and fast with minimal mess.

Again, another winner from The Born Pretty Store in terms of decals. I think these look great – what do you think about their interesting design? Do you find applying decals quick and easy or do you have trouble?

Have a great evening!


  1. I love these dacals, such beautiful spring colours! Regards, Natasha

  2. Those look nice! I haven't tried full nail water decals yet.

  3. lovely decals Ithi, I haven't tried them yet but I see how pretty they are :)

  4. wow I like this manicure!
    Your nails look so stunning :)


  5. Still haven't tried this full sized decals but they do look interesting. :P

  6. The decals are so sweet! They make me long for spring! :)

  7. Can't wear those things, look horrible! But with you they look perfect and cute!

  8. Haha, these patterns are awesome - kinda remind me of the 70s, you know?

    I've never worn decals though. Hm.

  9. I have never tried water decals yet But I have one in my store for reviweing ofcourse. I am afraid I am going to make big Nail fail *Shrugs*
    I love this water decals. very colorful and alive :D


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