Essie: Recessionista Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
Happy weekend to you all :) I feel like I am saying that every two days, gosh the weeks are flying by fast! Yesterday I had a really lovely surprise from my sister in law (who is really just the most beautiful person in every way) who bought me six new Essie polishes! Of course I want to try them all at once but I decided to show you Recessionista which is a colour that takes me out of my comfort zone!

Colour ~ 'Recessionista' is a really bold statement shade, it is described as a fire brick red but you know what else it reminds me of? Black Cherries! In certain light it certainly looks redder. Due to the burgundy tone also going on I also think that sometimes it has a slightly purple tint – do you see it too? I am wearing two coats with no top coat, and look at that shine, baby!

Application ~ Wonderful! I had to be incredibly careful not to have too much on the brush, and being a wide flat brush (in typical Essie manner) you have to be careful with the neatness of application because using such a dark shade will show up any mistakes or flooded cuticles. That said it was incredibly fast drying. I also encountered no issues with bubbles or streaking.

Texture ~ Slightly on the thin side (another reason to watch how loaded your brush is) and dries to a beautiful high glossy finish.

★★★★★/5 Considering I am normally a little shy of red colours I am actually falling in love with Recessionista. I know a lot of people will say this is such a 'fall' shade but I actually think it would look great with some nail art, I'm thinking golds accents! I am really impressed with the dry time and the high glossy finish. I think it looks pretty classy but perhaps isn't the most flattering on my nails.

What do you think of this deep black cherry shade? Do you prefer brighter or darker reds?

Have a great day, my friends!


  1. what amazing shade ! so worm and lovely :) i love your sister in law too.. she is carryng person hahahah

  2. This is the gorgeoustest colour!!! Wow so dark and vampy <3 How incredibly nice of your sister in law to get you 6 new Essies!!

  3. I don't feel comfortable with such dark shades of red if it doesn't contain a lot of shimmer ;) But it suits you and is very classy! You have a cute sister in law!

  4. Really nice colour. Looks good on you :-)

  5. I generally dont wear red shades but this can be an exception. I love the fact how dark this shade is. :D

  6. Oh my gosh what a lovely color :)
    I love dark reds, wines, purples... they make me feel sexy in a way :)
    I think this one looks amazing on your nails :)

  7. I love this purple shade on your nails!
    Your nails look just very pretty! :)


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