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Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? This is a scheduled post from me today as I'll be flying back home to Holland on Sunday afternoon and I feel its important to make the most of my time left with my family – I'll be back in the week! I'm sorry I am behind on my commenting, I am going to catch up when I am back I recently decided to redeem my saved up points at the Born PrettyStore, wahoo mini haul! So today I have decided to show you these really interesting water decals. They come in varying patterns but I decided to try a rainbow gradient decal which looks like bokeh. Don't forget you can get a 10% discount on all the items from the store when you use the coupon code: DRX31

First of all I'll start by saying that I am no new comer to water decals and in fact I love the simplicity of their application when I want a fast but beautiful manicure. I was drawn to this pattern instantly, how could I not be? I love rainbows, I love bokeh patterns. It was an obvious choice for me to pick. Read on for my review!

I applied these in the usual manner, I began with two coats of Barry M's 'Matte White' and once dried I began to slice up the decal sheet, cutting out small squares that would easily fit onto my nail – a tiny bit extra for any wiggle room to ensure the nail was entirely covered. I then peeled off the clear plastic that covers the front of the design and using tweezers dipped them in water for approximately 20-30 seconds each. I then peeled off the design from the white backing paper with ease an laid the pattern onto my nail. I was then able to slide the design around until I had the perfect fit for the nail to be covered. Once my decal was set in place I applied my top coat.

I absolutely love this decal sheet, I feel it has a really special look to it and I've had people ask me how I did my nails – I think the pretty gradients and bokeh pattern throw people off and leave them wondering how they could have nails like this so easily. I would say with confidence this is one of my most favorite decal signs I have tried from the Born Pretty Store, but there are so many gorgeous ones to chose from!

What do you think of this bokeh rainbow gradient decal? Would you wear a decal pattern like this?

I'll see you when I am on the other side of the sea, I hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Oh..You worked fast putting up this blog post :))
    As I told you before...it's amazing.

    Who doesn't love rainbows? I do...since they involve sun and rain... :*
    Have a safe trip love! Kisses

  2. whole mani looks beautiful Ithi :)
    Have a nice day, it is very windy here ;)

  3. Its so dreamy :D I love rainbows. Have a safe jourbey (:

  4. I love it, looks great!! Love the manicure you did with them. <3

  5. These look so cool, I love the colors!

  6. beautiful!
    I love this manicure and I think you've managed to create a beautiful and inspiring nail art creation <3

  7. These look really nice, I love the rainbow colours and the circles on them! They look so fun and happy :)

  8. i would never say that you wear water decals! amazing look !

  9. these decals are really gorgeous!

  10. Yes! I dig those.

    Your nails look amazing : )


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