Nude Sparkle Meets Black & White

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Sorry for my short absence, I'd like to say I am all settled back in to my Holland life but I'm just not. The puppy grew a lot in five weeks, she's gorgeous. The only sucky thing for me is that even though she has a huge sleeping pillow in our room she is jumping on me all through-out the night so I am so exhausted... I have for you today a manicure I did while I was still in England – excuse the bumps on my nails, I still had my nail rehab tea bags on!

This manicure looks so terrible, I know. But I'm in such a mani-mojo-lacking position right now...And I still wanted to share something with you guys. For this manicure I used only a few polishes, Barry M's 'Matte White', Yes Love's 'Black', Sinful Colors 'Nude' and finally OPI's 'Snowflakes In the Air'. I finished off with a heart, a simple cloud design as acrylic borders.

What do you think of this mix-match manicure? How do you feel about cloud designs?

Have a great evening, Hopeully I'll have something more interesting to show you soon!


  1. wow :) with closed eyes i could say it is ITHI style ! and i love it !

    1. and i can imagine how your pet jumping over you during night ! haha sweet love !
      she is still baby ..hahaha ! i can image you..ohhh

  2. yes, this is definitely awesome Ithi style- beautiful my dear!

  3. i really love the colors! So pretty together :)

  4. I don't think it looks terrible, maybe a little bit thick because of the many layers, but this can happen by cloud designs, which I absolutely love. So, I like what you made, great polish combo!

  5. wow this looks just so cutee and stunning!

    I love the color that you used as a base for this new nail art creation and I like all the details in this manicure as well :) Love color combinations! <3


  6. I like it, it has a cartoon feel to it and I like that! And again, I might be blind but I don't see the tea bags! :D

  7. Oh wow this looks really cute and nice. Love it :-)

    Any photos of the pup? :-)

  8. Very cute! Love those colors!

  9. These are so cute, definitely not terrible! I love the look of the nude + glitter base!

  10. It doesnt look terrible. I find the manicure very stunning,. the color combinatuion is perfect (:


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