Delicate Daisy Chains

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Did you have a productive or lazy Saturday? I kicked off the day by turning the whole bedroom upside down ~ that's how I clean. I work back to front. I then hoovered most of the three story house, cleaned out a whole lot. I am now ready to sit down and relax! Any suggestions on some good shows I should be watching? I'm pretty open to most things. Today I have something bright and summery to share with you. I remember when I was in primary school sitting on the grass and making daisy chains, did you ever make them?

For this manicure I began with two coats of Catrice's 'A Gallon Of Melon' (Oh my gosh... I am loving this polish, it's hard not to want to stare at it constantly.) I then created a very small blue splodge with Barry M's 'Huckleberry' (Kind off like a ruffian but tiny and not centered.) Once dried I used my favorite bamboo detailing brush, Oumaxi paints in green and white to create squiggles and rough flower shapes. Finally I added a dot of HD Nail's #20 (yellow) to the center of my flowers and applied my Barry M top coat.

I'm actually quite happy with how this turned out. I would like to wear this again in summer perhaps!

What do you think of my daisy chain nail art? Have you made any flower nail are yet this year?

Have a fantastic and glittery weekend!


  1. this is so pretty and perfect for spring! I also made daisy chains in elementary school!

  2. Awwww. This is too cute! Reminds me so much of my childhood.

  3. wow, very beautiful design, perfect for spring :)

  4. This is so pretty <3 great post! xxx

  5. Oh this looks so lovely and makes me think of summer! ^^ I used to make meter long dandelion chains when I was smaller, outside my parents house there where fields of dandelions. :D

  6. Nice design!! The flowers are so pretty! X3

  7. Such a springy and cute manicure. I really long for the spring. :-)

  8. Super cute!! Perfect for Spring :) A Gallon Of Melon looks really pretty too!!

  9. It is super sute! I love, love love the colors you used and I need that catrice melon shade!
    My Saturday was super busy too! I cooked for my boy's party on Sunday, 30 adults and 15 children!! haha had loads of fun, and made my boy happy with a "Cars" themed cake ;)


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