Freehand Acrylic Henna Flowers - BPS Brush Experiments.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? A while a go (and this is testament of how much I love the Born Pretty Store) treated myself to a few more goodies. Among them was *this* bamboo detailing brush. I got mine for just $1.95. I had been looking for a good brush to do extra small things with and I can tell you I am not disappointed. I'm still getting to learn how to use this brush. In trial and error I discovered that the brush can hold a lot of water if I didn't blot the tip enough but I decided to have an experiment and to share it with you even if the manicure is not

Not as neat as I would of liked but that will come with practice I hope :)
I only used one coloured polish for this manicure. I started with my beloved Nail Envy by OPI and applied two coats of Collection's 'Fool's Gold'. I then used OPI's matte top coat and attempted to create a Henna inspired manicure using black acrylic Oumaxi paint and my new brush.

To look at this manicure in person it was quite striking, I thought. However the camera has pointed out so many things I hate about this mani. Still, it was fun to mess around and play with my new brush. We're going to have a lot of fun together.

What do you think of my freehand Henna manicure? Do you have a favorite tool for creating manicures?

Have a great start to your weekend!


  1. Oh wow, well done, this looks great.

  2. Ithi, this is awesome design! the background and whole design looks spectacular :D

  3. i love this nude color , it goes with this wonderful design ! so lovely !

  4. it looks amazing. Your freehand work is brillaint (:

  5. I think your henna design looks pretty good!! I also loooove that you mattified the gold, it looks so pretty :)

  6. Really cool and beautiful manicure. You're soooo talented Ithi! <3

  7. I always like your freehand designs. This is really pretty!

  8. this is so pretty! I've been looking for a good detail brush!

  9. I love the outcome! It definitely looks like a henna design!

  10. very, very pretty!!! Regards, Natasha


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