Starry Patttern Full Nail Wraps - The Born Pretty Store Review

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion. :)

Allo polish Pals!

How are you today, are you looking forward to the weekend? Its gloomy here in Holland today and all I really feel like doing is getting back under the blankets! Still, the housework wont do itself! (If only!) Today I have some beautiful nail wraps to show you from The Born Pretty Store. These are 'Starry fullpatterned sticker' nail wraps.

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Lets start with the pattern... I absolutely love the colours and the way the sort of galaxy look flows through each nail. Each of these wraps contain a gold metallic detail along the top of the pattern, they look almost 3D but they are completely smooth within the wrap. The sheet containing the nail wrap comes with 12 patterns which means there are a couple over if you make any mistakes. I made quite a few mistakes if I am honest with you; I found these nail wraps to be pretty wide on my small nail beds so I had to trim them down slightly to get them to fit nicely around my cuticles.
There is also a huge selection on colours and patterns for these.

These are not water decals. They are fairly easy to apply. You start by peeling them off of the backing paper. They are incredibly sticky but you will be able to gently pull them off and reposition them if you find yourself applying them a little wonky. Its also possible to gently stretch them into position too. Once you apply them it is best to apply your favourite top coat on top to keep the pattern lasting longer. Its also important to try not to let these stickers crease as you apply them – something you can see on my thumb nail ~ sorry. I finished by filing off any of the excess wrap that was still hanging over the free edge of my nail.

Overall I really like these nail wraps, they are so striking and unusual. They got a lot of admirers when I wore them on my nails and I kept finding myself looking at them! These are great if you want a really pretty manicure in a short amount of time.

What do you think of these unique looking nail wraps? Have you worn sticky nail wraps before – how did you find application?

Have a great start to the weekend!


  1. Oh wow, this is absolutely beautiful. <3
    Have a great weekend! <3

  2. I absolutely SUCK at applying this kind of stickers, they always wrinkle! You did a good job though! :) It's a nice pattern too

  3. These look really nice! I'm horrible at applying nail wraps so it's been a while since I did it, but maybe I will give these a try.

  4. The pattern on them is so pretty!! I also love the 3D looking gold embellishments a lot!

  5. I LOVE the wraps and the gold details look amazing too :)
    A very lovely manicure :)

  6. I didn't realize they were stickers until I read! You applied them so perfectly! I always get wrinkles everywhere when I try using them :(


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