As Light As A Feather - Freehand

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I can't believe this week is almost over, eesh! Once again I am posting early (my every other day rule is working well for me) simply because last night I created a manicure I am dying to share with you. I can't wait to see what you all think of this. Again I broke out the acrylic paints because I am just finding them so much fun to experiment with!
For this manicure I began with two coats of Barry M's 'Truffle' from the silk collection and left it without a top coat. I then got to work with the acrylics to create my feathers. I was a little undecided on what to do on my remaining nails without taking too much focus off of the feathers so I added some simple polka dots. I sealed it all off with two coats of Barry M's top coat - I really want to try HK Girl top coat so badly for my acrylic nail art!

I am enjoying trying new things and I can tell you that when I started this I really didn't know how it was going to turn out. The shading was a huge learning curve but also really fun to try.

What do you think of my freehand feather manicure? Do you like to play with acrylics?

Have a great day!


  1. Wow this looks awesome <3 great post

  2. Really beautiful! You're so great at this. Gorgeous. :-)

  3. This is so cute and delicate =]

  4. Lovely result. You used the shading perfect and this way you gave a depth for the feather, it looks excellent. Very artistic mani and I love the base color too!
    Have a great day and weekend!

  5. I love the feathers! They are great on the soft brown polish!

  6. wow, some freehand, love it *.*

  7. Ithi, this is gorgeous!! Seriously, you have amazing skills!

  8. <3 I love this SO much!! The feathers are gorgeous, I can't believe how perfect you got the shading to be!!

  9. this manicure looks so lovely!

    I like it :)

  10. very delicate and pretty! Regards, Natasha

  11. It is a gorgeous desing! so realistic!
    I am trying acrylics, but somehow I get my designs better with nail polish! how can that be? I got cheap acrylics at BPS, maybe the quality of the paint is not good enough, because I promise you, my painting with Acrylics look aweful!


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