Day Dreamin' In The Tree Tops - Freehand

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you've had a good week so far? I've been so up and down with my idea's lately, I'll get a great manicure idea and then have no idea how to show it. This is sort of the case with this manicure. I'm not incredibly happy with it for a few reasons. Should I have added clouds? Should I have had birds flying in the background? WHY didn't I just turn on the light instead of being dictated by the sun which kept going in and out of the clouds...Anyway. Meet Steve, he's just day dreaming. Maybe he's contemplating what to have for dinner... Who knows!

For this manicure I began with two coats of Erre Due's #155 – a light and beautiful yellow with a hint of green. This is a polish I picked up in Greece a few years ago, I wish I had picked up more of these polishes, I love them, where can I get them?! I then sponged on some Catrice 'Blurred Limes' (Someone take this polish away from me, I can't stop using it!) I finally created my branches, flowers, leaves and Steve using my Oumaxi acrylic paints and smoothed it all out with Catrice's gel look top coat.

Like I said.. its not one of my favorites but its nice to sit and paint. I wish I had added more and I wish I had taken better care of the flowers. Maybe MORE flowers, more more more!...Now I am envisioning this manicure in an entirely different way – Why didn't I think of that before? Bah Humbug! Does that ever happen to you?

What do you think of my tropical friend Steve? Have you created any tropical nail art before?

Have a great day!


  1. very artistic Ithi, you have gorgeous ideas for fantastic nail arts :)

  2. STEVE IS TOO CUTE!! <3 I love this whole manicure so much! I really think you're being too hard on yourself Ithi, I'm always so jealous of the things you can paint freehanded!

  3. If I was closer to you I'd take Blurred Limes away from you, so gorgeous and I don't have it waaaah :'( :D If Steve's thinking about dinner, or food in general we have that thought in common :D Lovely nail art sweetie, you have a great eye for details <3

  4. Hello! I wanna have your nails :D

  5. oh my! This manicure is so creative I love that little bird, it looks soo cute! But I like the overall result of this manicure as well, the green shade that you used as a background color looks great on your nails!

  6. These are so cute =]

  7. I find it perfect! little Steve is really adorable, and in order for him to be the star, I think it was wise to keep the other details to the minimum! I really like the mani, is well balanced and I do not have the impression that anything is missing. Really beautiful color base too!

  8. OH MY!!!! Steve is too cute. I love the color play in this nailart. very fresh and earthy. I love it. so adorable :D

  9. Great parrot! You do such pretty freehands!

  10. Don't be so hard on yourself, this is seriously amazing! He is so cute and I love that you named him :)


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