Essie: Butler Please Swatch & Review ★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your having a good week so far? I want to say a huge thank you for all your supportive and kind comments on 'The Flower Girl'. You guys are making me feel great and really encouraging me to try things outside of my comfort zone. I enjoyed painting that manicure and I am equally as glad that it was so well received :) Since the last few posts have been quite intense I decided to that today is most certainly a good day for a break post, so I'm showing you Essie's 'Butler Please'. I had this floating around in my archives so I thought it was about time I shared it.

Colour ~ 'Butler Please' is a striking blue polish, maybe I'm seeing things but I think this polish has a slightly violet tint to it. Can you see it? I am wearing two coats in this picture.

Application ~ Application was easy peasy, I had no real issues. I would recommend giving this ample time to dry in between applying coats, I can imagine this could bubble if rushed.

Texture ~ This polish dries to a semi matte finish and looks almost like a vinyl texture on the nails. The consistency of this polish is medium to thick but generally not overly gloopy.

★★★/5 While I really like this colour I feel like something is lacking... I'm not sure what it is. I just doesn't make me all that excited and if I had to rush out to buy this colour I would probably end up choosing something else. I think there are many suitable dupes of this polish at a fraction of the price. That said, if you a huge blue and Essie fan then this may sit beautifully in your collection.

What do you think of this Essie blue? Does this shade get you excited?
I have another freehand design in mind, I am hoping it works out so I can try and show you something 'different'!

Have a great day!


  1. This is an amazing blue! Love it. :-)

  2. Hi Ithi! I love this colour! I remember I wore it a lot when I just bought it because I loved it on me. However maybe the lack of glossy finish disturbs your eye? or is it that you already have so many wonderful blue polishes in your stash!!
    take care! xxx

  3. amazing, amazing, the colour reminds me cobalt- gorgeous <3

  4. I absolutely love the finish, almost vinyl effect of this polish! Looks great on your nails!

  5. This looks stunning, it looks blurple to me? :D Not an Essie fan, though. It reminds me of essence Chuck :D

  6. I love Cobalt blues like this! I guess it isn't exactly original though and I do have a lot of others already hehe


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