Sugar Skulls With The Finder Things Easy Peel Decals

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I'm so sorry I missed a couple of days posting. I have missed you guys! Things here have been a little rough, since my eye has swelled up (its finally beginning to get better – slowly) I've lost all my inspiration and even when I've had it then it was incredibly hard to focus and concentrate. As you can imagine this has left me really frustrated. Anyway I have another post featuring some decals from The Finder Things. These are the awesome 'Sugar Skulls, Day Of The Dead' decals. These decals are just like the Shamrocks I showed you, the method of applying is fast, clean and easy. Just peel and stick! Don't forget to 'read more'.

I'd like to start by saying I just love these decals! They are bright, vibrant and very fun. These are exactly what I imagine when I think of sugar skulls. The decal sheet comes with three different sizes – The largest is almost the perfect size to fit from each side of my nail on my thumb and then there are two smaller sizes, great news for those with smaller nail beds. There are several different patterns within the skulls. I originally chose to wear these on white nails but I wanted them to stand out a little more – I recommend wearing them on brighter or slightly darker nails to give more of a contrast. Don't they look fun? I think these are great for Halloween or to be honest.. any time of the year

 For this manicure I began with two coats of Ciatés 'Looking Glass' and decided to pair the skulls with a bright tip. The polishes I used from thumb to pinky are Catrice's 'Blurred Limes', Barry M's 'Guava', Picture Polishes 'Wisteria', and Catrice's 'Gallon Of Melon' and 'Lime Heart Beating Like A Jungle Drum'. I then used the easy peel and stick method to add's Sugar Skulls.  

What do you think of these sugar skulls? Have taken a look at TheFinderThings store?
 Don't forget you can find TheFinderThings at Facebook and Twitter also! And now I'm off to rest and hopefully find my mani mojo again! 

Have a great evening,


  1. Wow! These are sooo cute! I'm not a skull person but the way you put them together with pretty lines makes me feel like I want to give it a try :D Really pretty!!

  2. This looks awesome Ithi! So fun and beautiful. :-)

  3. Skulls are not my favorite images, but these one look really interesting. I love your french manicure, I really like the idea of different colored tips!
    I hope that your eye will be better soon and you won't have again such problems!
    Have a great day!

  4. they are so cool, I love sugar skulls !
    what happened to your eye sweetie! I haven't read your posts in a while (it's been hectic here) whatever it is I hope you get better soon! ♥♥♥

  5. What a nice and unique design you created! :D Love it!

  6. Those decals are super cute and I love the way you interpreted them in a mani! Nice job =) I love how colorfull this all is ;)
    xoxo, Nyx

  7. These are so cute! I love anything Halloween or Day of the Dead (mu birthday hehe). I love the nail art you added too!


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