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Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? I think it will be just a typical quiet weekend here. For one thing Mr Bravo will be out with his darts league so I think I'll use the time to go swatch-crazy! Today I have my first ever pond manicure and what better way to jazz up a pond manicure? By using TheFinderThings stencils of course! I am using their Lip Kiss Vinyl Stencils!

I used Rimmel's 'Hot White Love' to create my dots and Dorothy L's #98 to create my jelly sandwich.

The Stencil Sheet
These lip stencils come in several sizes, perfect for those with smaller or more narrow nail beds.
I am really loving TheFinderThings products, I am so impressed with the quality of their stickers. As you've seen before... This is not my first time using their stencils and I am really in love with their ease of use. Peel off your desired stencil shape and size, apply to the nail where you'd like it positioned. Paint and peel off. Voila!

The stencil left a beautiful clear shape, I was wondering if these would work the same as the ones I had reviewed in the past since the lips are cut out with vinyl remaining in the center. Would the stencil come out cleanly, or would the polish seep into the gap? Nope, it came off in one clean motion and there was no seeping of polish. I'm very pleased about that! has a huge range of wonderful and unique decals in their store, all of which require absolutely no water which is great for those who may have not got along well with water decals in the past. There are so so many choices to chose from. So far I have not come across with any of their products that I have not loved or had problems applying.

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What do you think of my pond and lip manicure? Have you tried no-water decals?

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I have never tried this kind of stickers before. seem very fun and useful for quick design. I loved your base design. and the lip shaped out perfectly :D

  2. I really love a pond design on the nails- whole mani is awesome dear Ithi :)

  3. What a gorgeous manicure Ithi! I have recently got a very sheer jelly red and thought "what am I going to do" now you just gave me a great idea!! I have also tried the stencils of this brand and loved them!!
    Have a nice weekend sweetie xx

  4. I love your pond mani, it's so bright and fun! :)

  5. This is a very cute design :)

  6. Nice stencil!! I like the design you chose :D

  7. I loveeeeeeeeee this nail art ;D
    So lovely and the orange/red background with all those sparkles looks perfect!

  8. these are so cute, I love the polka dots and the lips!

  9. I love the pond mani, and the decals were great too!

  10. I have to firstly tell you that the pond manicure is amazing!! It was worth the long hours it took to dry!!
    THe lips are a nice touch!

  11. Cool mani, I'm liking it a lot :-)


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