Mixed Pattern Stamping Plate - Born Pretty Store Review

*This item was sent to me to review but as always will contain my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Today I will be out visiting some of Mr Bravo's friends, I'm happy about this as they are such a nice couple. Its good to get out! Today I am showing you a stamping plate from The Born Pretty Store. I fell in love with the plate when I saw it, I was thinking of all the colour combinations to put with these patterns!...This is plate is BP-21.

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The BP-21 plate comes with four beautiful designs. Two line based designs, a delicate pattern and one with a large circular pattern. I think this plate has great potential with those who love a good gradient manicure as the patterns will pop out beautifully. I enjoyed using this plate from the Born PrettyStore, just like their other plates I have reviewed the patterns are well etched into their plate which means getting a perfect image onto your stamper is really easier – at least I find this much easier then other brands of plates. I look forward to trying these patterns in so many more colour and glitter combinations in the future!

My preferred method of stamping is by making decals just so I can ensure I get the entire pattern to fit on nicely (without worrying about missing parts) I tried both the angular line pattern and the circular pattern and I was pleased with the out come for both. I could have cleaned up better... that's something I didn't see until I edited the pictures.

For my circular manicure I began with two coats of my white polish and created a gradient using HD Nails '#3', Yes Love's '007', Catrice's '(S)wimbledon' and Model's Own 'Luis Lemon'. I then stamped the pattern with a white polish and once my decals where dry I applied them on top of my gradient.

What do you think of this stamping plate? Would you pair these patterns with a gradient?

Have a great Sunday!


  1. This looks amazing. I do love the bright and bold colours :-D

    1. Thank you, Ananka! I was really in the mood for something super bright and colourful! xx

  2. The retro circles are mesmerizing, but without that fantastic base you made it wouldn't be so interesting. Love what you made! Excellent mani as always!

    1. Aww thank you, Manases! I am really glad you like how I did this. I was so unsure about my colours to start with but I was quite happy with the colour pop! :) xx

  3. Cool gradient! :D
    I also think that making decals is a good method.

  4. I love your stamping, the colors your use make it so unique!

  5. Love the stamping over gradient! it looks really nice!

  6. Ahh!! I love your design...that neon is amazing.


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