Citrus Splash - Freehand + Water Colour Nails

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your having an awesome day :) Today I have a manicure that will certainly brighten us and all our screens up, I hope! I decided to create a vibrant and happy citrus manicure. I love lemons, every morning when I wake up I drink lemon water, it's always a great start to the day and it is said to have many health benefits!

For this manicure I started with two coats of Rimmel's 'Hot White Love' and once dried applied OPI's matte top coat. I then used cotton buds to dab on my yellow and green Oumaxi paint and a wet cotton bud to dab off excess paint for a water colour effect. I then used my favorite bamboo brush to create slices of lemon and limes on my nails. I partially outlined the fruit and finished with a smothering of Catrice's top coat.

I am actually 'ok' with this manicure, I think it is great for the summer weather and it really is quite eye catching! Sure it's not perfect but it was fun to wear!

What do you think of my zesty tips? Have you ever done fruit inspired nail art?

Have a great day


  1. wow, fantastic effect dear Ithi :)

  2. These lemons and limes look so refreshing!! I love designs that are bright and energetic like this :D

  3. Your painting is great! I love lemons, too!

  4. I've never tried a fruit inspired nail art! But now I'm tempted :) Your design came out great, it's such a fun look for summer days.

  5. Oh, sweetie! I'm in love with these! They're spot on awesome!

  6. I have been drinking lemon water every morning this week! Your nails turned out so beautifully, really perfect for summer!

  7. I like lemons!! :D
    It's a nice idea for summer.

  8. Limes limes limes!! Love this manicure <3
    They turned out amazing - you are a true artist my dear friend! Kisses


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