Model's Own: Luis Lemon Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing today? Is the sun shining where you are? Ah I just love, love, love these warmer days! I think today's swatch will be well suited for the weather here in Holland. However I may want to warn you now that you should put some sunglasses on before I show you Model's Own's 'Luis Lemon'.
Colour ~ 'Luis Lemon' is a bright acid like neon yellow. It is very sheer and I recommend wearing it under a white polish to get the colour to really pop! I am wearing two coats of white polish and two coats of Luis Lemon on top. To wear it without the white you will find that you need so many layers to get it completely opaque. This can be said for many yellow neon polishes though.

Application ~ I didn't have too much trouble with application, You need to be aware of how much is on your brush as it can look a little gloopy but all in all the application was fine and it even surprised me by self leveling a little on the second coat – nicey nice :) Dry time is reasonable given its formula.

Texture ~ This is a hard one to comment on... It is almost like a gelly texture so its somewhere between medium to thick in consistency but it is totally workable. Dries to a semi matte finish.

★★★★★/5 I do really love Luis Lemon. She's a fun sunny day kinda gal. I'd like to hang out with her :) I love how Luis Lemon looks combined with nail art such as gradients but it isn't something I would willingly wear out casually. I have a couple of yellow neon polishes and I prefer this one hands down. Other polishes I've tried don't have such a powerful pop of colour and some I have tried even had weird black flecks through it... If you want to wake yourself up I highly recommend Luis Lemon for the job.

What do you think of this acid yellow? What are your favorite neon polishes?

Have a super sparkly and productive day!


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