ORLY: Sky Blue Color Flip Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing today? :) I hope you have gorgeous weather where you are! I'm just starting my day with a lovely cup of green tea and then I will be blog-visiting. I love getting good time to catch up with everyone's posts. I'm also expecting a very busy weekend, today Mr Bravo and I are out visiting friends and tomorrow the whole family will be here for Mother's Day! Today I have a review for you, this is Orly's 'Sky Blue' from the colour flip collection.

Colour ~ 'Sky Blue' is a gorgeous pearly multi tone shade that flips from shades of blue, soft pink and purple. It is really pretty in different light and I find it makes me think of summer rain – Perhaps that's just me being weird again? It is very sheer so I am wearing four coats, It is easily build-able to full opacity.

Application ~ As with many polishes of this type you will need to watch out for streaks and brush strokes. I found keeping my brush strokes are neat as humanly possible left a gorgeous result. Since this polish is very sheer the dry time is just dandy!

Texture ~ As mentioned before, the texture of this polish is very thin and sheer, it is very much on the watery side but it dries to a very beautiful metallic finish.

★★★★★/5 I'm going to be honest, I don't consider this to be a very unique shade and there are probably a thousand dupes all over the place but I do really love this polish. You know I'm a sucker for blues and anything that goes into blue nicely... I think Sky Blue is worth its price because it is such a striking polish to look at. I think if your into multi-chrome’s and blues then this could sit nicely in your collection.

What do you think of this colour flip polish? Do you like multi-chrome shades?
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Whoa! This is such a gorgeous polish!! I love chameleon polishes especially when it's mixed with my favourite pastel colours like this!! Wooow!! :D

  2. very delicate, I love this shade very much :)
    Have a nice weekend dear Ithi!

  3. It's a gorgeous multichrome effect!! You're right, the brushstrokes aren't too visible either :)

  4. Really pretty! I love duo-/multichromes and this is no exception :)

  5. Usuaslly I'm not a fan of multichromes but this one caught my eye! Your application left no brushstrokes at all!

  6. So pretty! I love the duochrome effect it has!

  7. The color and finish are great!! ;D

  8. I usually don't like multi chrome polishes but I like this one since it's more pastel tones :) it doesn't really have brush strokes too!

  9. This is a really pretty polish, I like it for spring!

  10. I think it looks fantastic!! :)

  11. Oh MY GOSH what a stunning polish... it reminds me of a mermaid :)
    Summer rain is not strange at all... it reminds me of water basically :D

  12. Gorgeous colour. I love it :-D


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