Summer Swirls And Butterflies - Freehand With Foil

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Do you have any nice plans this weekend? I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family – I'm making the most of it while I can! Next weekend we fly back to Holland. Today I am showing you some nail foils (in c-09) from The Born Pretty Store. I actually purchased these myself at the beginning of the year and if I am honest, I was scared to use them; I had a few attempts and it didn't go too well but I am so happy with this manicure! If I had to wait to show them to you then I am glad because this turned out way better then my previous attempts!
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This manicure is so simple but looks much more complex, I think. I began with three coats of Sinful Colors 'I'm So Nude' on all my nails and once dried I added a very small amount of OPI's 'Snowflakes In The Air' for a little bit of sparkle. I then used my white Oumaxi paint and my holy bamboo brush to create some swirls. I sealed with a top coat and when I was truly sure it was dry added beauty glue to my nail – once it had become transparent I added a small piece of the butterfly foil on top, smoothed it out with a q-tip and gently scraped at it with the end of my cuticle pusher.
Once the foil easily removed I completed the manicure with my Catrice top coat.

I am really happy with how this turned out and my eyes are happy to see this manicure. I love the bright colours of the foil and the subtle glitter that pops through when in sunlight.
This foil comes in a small tube pot and has so much foil inside, 100cm in length and 3cm wide.

What do you think of my foil and freehand combo? Have you tried any foils?
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Ohhh....the struggle with the butterfly foil! But does it matter in the end? THis manicure is simply gorgeous- cute and colourful. I love it!!

    Enjoy you family sweetie. Have a good weekend. xxx

  2. I've never tried nail foil actually.This is a beautiful manicure Ithi.
    Glad to hear you're having a great time with your family. :-)

  3. It's wonderful and great for spring! I never tried a nail foil before... Sounds a little complicated to work with.

  4. wow, they look amazing ! so cute many with worm colors ! i would be scared too , to make this
    but it came out so beautiful !

  5. Lovely mani!! :D
    I like very much the butterfly foil! ;)

  6. I have this OPI. Cute mani, it really looks more complicated to do than it truly is.

  7. What a lovely mani! I've never used nail foil but I would like to give it a try :)

  8. This looks great, I love all the layering :) Do you know if the Catrice top coat is any good on metallic foils?

  9. I love all the detail you put into the layering. The butterflies came out gorgeous!

  10. wow all those details and the layering, I can not stop staring at this nail art creation! This is so awsome <3


  11. i love the way the butterflies look over the nude and white swirls! :) I actually thought the swirls were stamped until i read your post! great job!


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