Full Mini Floral Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains item(s) that were sent to review but as always I will provide my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals!
How is it going? I hope your having a wonderful beginning to your week. Did you do anything nice this weekend? Today I'm starting my second set of water decals from The Born PrettyStore. We had some very strong and bold patterns on the last sheet so this one is a real contrast with subtle floral patterns. This is 'full mini floral water decals in C112-C115'. I've decided that I will be adding on top of some of these decals to show ways to 'shake them up'.

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Today I am wearing C114, a gorgeous combination of pink, blue and lilac toned flowers with a cute leafy pattern inbetween. I was drawn to these decals first because of the colours. As I mentioned these decals are much more subtle and feminine than the previous ones I reviewed but I like that! These decals make me think of my Nan! And beautiful old fashioned China plates and tea cups. These also scream long hazy summer days...Don't you think so?

I've got a confession, tell me if you noticed this: On thumb nail it is actually a mixture of two decal strips. I messed up some how, the left side of my nail was still exposed (my poor posistioning) but rather than trying to peel it off and try to start over with the risk of messing up, I layed a smaller decal along the side. Thanks to the pattern I don't think its highly noticable!

What do you think of this full manicured floral look? Do you like it or is it 'too much' for you?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. They are beautiful - and yes I wondered about the thumb ;)

  2. Beautiful design Ithi, you manged to fix your thumb look very well, I don't think it is highly noticeable at all
    Have a nice weekend :)

  3. It looks lovely and romantic :)

  4. Lovely design on these decals! I didn't even notice anything wrong with the thumb nail until I read what you wrote about it, and even then I had to look pretty hard to see it. So it's not very noticeable :)

  5. It's delicate and ladylike. I looove it!

  6. lovely design ! some nice pattern look wonderful even they are water decals ! i love it

  7. I love these, and it totally looks hand painted as well :)

  8. These look very beautiful :)

  9. I love the pattern, it's kind of a vintage sweet design!

  10. These are beautiful! I had no clue that you messed up your thumb until you said something :) It's that kind of pattern that hides mistakes very well :)

  11. I really like the floral pattern! as for your thumb nail... it's not very noticeable at all! i actually didn't notice it until i read your post and went back to look at the picture again haha


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