Barry M: Coconut Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Are you excited for a brand new week? Things are going to be quite different around here for the next 4-6 weeks. I already have at least 13 more blog post images prepared so I hope I can stay on top of things. I am so much happier when I am further ahead! Today I have a swatch and review of a polish that has featured on the blog quite a few times since its purchase in various forms of nail art. I figured it is finally time to let it shine alone to show its real potential :) This is Barry M's 'Coconut' from the Gelly range.

I'd just like to mention that these pictures are from before England, when my nails needed a good filing and shaping... ;')
Colour ~ Coconut is clearly well within its neutral family but is a little more special then your typical white. I know many people don't get excited by shades such as this but don't switch off yet because Coconut is a gorgeous off white polish with a beautiful warm slight biege undertone that is so complementary to many types of nail art and colour pairings. The colour also reminds me of cream.. creamy things!

Application ~ I can not think of one thing that would improve the application of this polish. I applied three very thin coats, after the first it will appear a little streaky but by the second it was looking flawless. I'd also like to inform you that dry time is pretty reasonable and that this polish loves to self level – wooya!

Texture ~ Exactly the same as all the other Gelly's if your familiar with it, it is on the medium side and I would say it applies like a cream, it is very easy to work with and as always with the Gelly's it dries to a high shine finish even before adding your top coat.

★★★★★/5 I can not fault this polish, in fact... I wouldn't dare to! I love this polish because it isn't stark white which is a nice change when it comes to nail art, it pairs beautifully with almost anything and really doesn't need a lot of work to get it looking gorgeous. I'm half way through my bottle and I have no doubt that I'll be returning for another. While this isn't a bright punchy polish it is a real winner in the neutral category.

Are you a big fan of neutrals?  Have you tried any of the Gelly polishes yet?
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  1. Good Morning Gorgeous! I love this polish! I absolutely adore nude polishes and this one seems to be just perfect for you. A good base colour also is half of what you need for great nail art.
    xo, Pia
    P.S.: can't wait to read all your prepared posts! 😁

  2. Oh, you're wrong. I get excited when I see such shades, because I really love them. I find them elegant and delicate...and it is not the usual plain white! It looks great on you!

  3. LOVING the off-white softness of this beauty!

  4. I like neutrals between brights. This is an especially pretty off-white!

  5. I love this off-white! It would be perfect for a nail art base :)

  6. this is lovely white ! i like it , iven you said it is jelly ! suit to your nails

  7. Woow! This is the shade I've been looking for for a looong time!!! This looks super elegant and beautiful!! :D


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